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Best Haircuts for Men with a Square Face

Square face shape is the manliest of all the shapes because of its strong angles on the jaw and the cheeks.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that looks good on this shape, then short hairstyles are perfect choices. Buzz cuts and fades would be a good option too.

If you opt to go for a shorter style then you can add more volume at the center top of your head and avoid perfectly cut style or with heavy fringes since this will flaunt your strong features.

Below is the list of haircuts and hairstyle that would look good on your square shaped face.


If you have a square face and looking for a nice haircut then go with the undercut, this will highlight the face. Keep your undercut shorter on the side since this complements your face shape.

Try checking this article on how to get a good undercut like David Beckham.


Buzzcuts are good for highlighting a square face and this kind of cut is shorter than pompadour and undercuts but don’t cut your hair too short because this will emphasize and bring too much attention to your face.

You can also try growing some beard since this will help make your look way better.

Top Knot

This style is influenced by the man bun. The hair is tied into a single knot at the top of the head and this will give some attention to your hair than your features just leave some hair hanging out.

You can also have that undercut top knot style where the top of your hair is longer than the sides. This style will give you a great look since it’s trendy nowadays.

If you want to know how to be manly with a top knot, you should check this article out.

Long Side Swept Undercut

This hairstyle is a unique hairstyle for men with square faces. This makes the regular undercut to a whole new level with its chin length hair in front then the hair is pushed to the side making it look like an asymmetrical look. It means that one side of your head has long hair and the other side will have much shorter hair.

If you have enough courage and confidence to try this bold style then this hairstyle would totally suit you.


Short pompadours are the best for guys with a square face. Why? Because this gives less attention to the hair than the face, it has the same effect as the slicked back undercut. Remember that medium to long kind of pompadours will make our face longer and rectangular.

Check this link for other pompadour styles.

Short Back and Sides

Short back and sides will make your appearance sharper and will flaunt your features. This hair cut can be styled in different ways. Just get your pomade or wax out and you can do styles like side parting, faux hawk, and quiff.

Side Part

The side part hairstyle looks good with a square shaped face. This style is neat and classic since the sides are razored and the longer hair makes the volume when styling.

Side part hairstyle works nicely with thicker hair and this will make the styling easier. You can also ask your barber or stylist to shave a line that will make the style noticeable.

Check how to style a side part like a celebrity and you will get the look perfectly.

Slicked Back Undercut

The slick back undercut is one of the most popular haircuts and this style highlights your facial features and since the longer part of your hair is slicked back it gives attention to your face.

You need to have the sides and back of your hair in the undercut and keep the top long enough so that you can slick it back and style it using some wax or pomade.

Comb Over

The comb over hairstyle is a good option for guys with square faces because this will make your face a bit longer. It has narrow sides, deep division, and smooth top.

Your hair shouldn’t be so short if you want this style since long enough hair is fun to play and style with. You can use pomade and slick your hair to one side.

Close Cut

The close cut haircut is the cleanest and most simple style. This suits squared face men since this will give detail to your face.

You can also keep your top hair a bit longer and thicker. Applying wax and pomade will enhance your look depending on the style you want to choose.

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