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How to Get David Beckham’s Undercut Haircut + 27 David Beckham Hairstyles #BeckhamHair


David Beckham’s Hairstyles Through The Years

When it comes to men’s hairstyle icons, there’s one name that really stands out from the rest. David Beckham isn’t just an awesome soccer player, he’s a fashion & style icon, a true trendsetter. Ever since his fashionable wife exposed him to the world of designer names and collaborations, he started to fill pages of the most talked about magazines.

On and off the field he became a huge role model to kids and adult men everywhere. His look has been constantly changing through the years, from a mohawk to long and back to shaved, but with every new hairstyle he inspires the crowds. Hair stylists all over the globe have been instructed season after season: “cut ’em like Beckham!”

It’s been established that copying his hairstyle, can do you no wrong. And that’s why we browsed through his cameleon styles and picked out 27 best hairstyles to get David Beckham’s look today.

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10 Best Men's Hairstyles to Get David Beckham's Look (1)

David Beckham Faux Hawk

David Beckham was one of the first to influence the slightly-longer-on-top trend which was also one of the first trends started by this soccer superstar. Something between a crewcut and fauxhawk, this hairstyle is still very fashionable today.

Going for a slightly disheveled look and adding some highlights, this haircut looks good on almost any face shape and hair type. David sure knew what he was going for when he left his beard to grow out a little bit. This killer style needs very little effort.

10 Best Men's Hairstyles to Get David Beckham's Look (6)

With the same cut but different styling, this haircut shows just how easy it is to transform from one look to another. To achieve this spiking effect you need great styling products (read our post on 10 best styling products for men) and have some messing up to do.

10 Best Men's Hairstyles to Get David Beckham's Look (9)

10 Best Men's Hairstyles to Get David Beckham's Look (5)

10 Best Men's Hairstyles to Get David Beckham's Look (10)
10 Best Men's Hairstyles to Get David Beckham's Look (2)

David Beckham Undercut

Do you remember this hairstyle? Resembling a mohawk and not quite the undercut, David sure stood out with this one. With highlights on top this haircut cuts 10 years right off. It’s youthful and a bit rebellious, it’s definitely a good vacation look.

David Beckham Long Hairstyle

A few years back, everyone was growing their hair out due to this photo. Although David’s hair grew much longer, we really love this haircut as a present trend. To get this look simply skip a few appointments with your hair stylist and style your hair using nothing else but your fingers.

10 Best Men's Hairstyles to Get David Beckham's Look (12)

A slightly newer look that already points to the current men’s hairstyle trends. Short on the side and long on the top, it makes for a very sharp look, which is styled with using pomade. Styling it to the side gives just enough texture to the hair that it looks like there was no effort put in whatsoever.

One of the best shots of David Beckham sporting the undercut. In this version his hair is slicked back and hardened with gel. Being a bit spiky it creates a sharp look that will transform any man into a true badass.

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David Beckham Combover Side Part

Another version of David’s undercut but with a slightly softer look. We could as well drop Don Draper as a reference, since the cut is more gentlemanly, almost business like. Definitely a very popular cut today, and it allows various styling options which is always a plus.

Same undercut but again with different styling. Brushed to the back and with a slight fade on the side it really looks modern. In the old days this would be the pompadour – the signature haircut of Elvis and quite a popular hairstyle of young rebels in the 1950s.

David Beckham Slicked Back Hairstyle

And David Beckham as we know him today. Still sporting the undercut, but with a beard it looks even more awesome. If you want to go for the ultimate Beckham look, then this would be the one.

david beckham hair (15)

If there’s anyone who can show just how versatile an undercut is, it’s sure Mr Becks. On this photo it’s both sleek and modern, with a beard that adds that extra appeal.

david beckham hair (16)

David Beckham Top Gun Hairstyle

We love this slightly older photo of David Beckham and his messy hairstyle. Combined with a simple white tee and those aviator sunglasses he reminds us of a certain Top Gun character. Don’t you think? This is a cool cut, that’s easy to rock!

We love the aviator shades in gold, which are definitely back on the scene. Grab a pair of Ray-Bans and you can easily copy this style.

david beckham hair (18)

Who Cuts David Beckham’s Hair?

David hired Adee Phelan in 2002, and hasn’t looked back. If you want to get a similar style as Beck, check out Adee’s salons, aptly named “Adee Phelan”.

David Beckham Undercut with Texture

Another example of great hair styling from our soccer star. This time in a slightly younger version and in hair color that really gives this undercut some texture and flair. We love how it gives the look like it was only styled with his fingers. Although we’re certain he had some professional help.

david beckham hair (10)

Again a new variation of the undercut, this time with shorter hair that’s slicked back. This is a great business look and it’s easy to maintain, so it’s perfect if you’re a busy guy.

With the longer hairstyle, David Beckham sure looks like a rock star! His “neglected” haircut with some grey hairs looks kind of badass! If you’re looking for the same carefree look, then we suggest you go for it.

If you’re looking for something that will make you feel young at heart or if you’re still blessed with worry-free life of a 20 something, this haircut might be what you’re looking for. Beckham sure rocked it in his golden days of soccer stardom, so why shouldn’t you?

So fresh, so clean! With his natural hair color and a contemporary cut Becks sure looks handsome. To get this same attitude out of you, you need to embrace your natural hair color, get a modern undercut and style your hair with some hair gel. Oh, and don’t forget the 5 day beard.

david beckham hair (5)

david beckham hair (7)

david beckham hair (14)

David Beckham Beard + Messy Hair

A bit more manly then the one before, this style is inspired by the bears. Literally. David Beckham here looks like some sorts of a cave man, which gives him that primal attraction. Messy hair (probably not washed for a while) and a bushy beard will do that to a man.

david beckham hair (3)

Same beard but different hairstyle. See the difference? Undercut makes for a modern and gentlemanly look even with the most distinctive beard. Here Beckham’s hair is also a bit longer which makes it possible to style in many variations. Cool if you easily get bored with your style.

david beckham hair (8)

david beckham hair (17)

Award season coming up? This is the perfect example of a red carpet worthy undercut from David Beckham. It’s great from any angle and will go with any look. If you’re streaming for perfection yourself, then this is the photo you take to your barber.

David Beckham’s Stubble Undercut

david beckham hair (6)

A more distinguished shave on the sides and a longer length on the top make this a daring hairstyle. Beckham sure knows how to spice it up. If your hair is long enough, then brush them back and consolidate with strong hair products.

david beckham hair (9)

David Beckham Mohawk

Another great hairstyle from the younger Beckham. With this one we love the mohawk kind of look with some highlights on top. This style might not be considered the most stylist today, but it’s still a great Summer look.

david beckham hair (2)

Somewhere between the perfect undercut and his messy boyish haircut this style happened. If you’re bored with the current state of your hair, then you can always imitate Beckham and go for this look.

David Beckham Prep School Haircut

david beckham hair (4)

To conclude this post we have two more hairstyles that we absolutely love. The first is this boyish cut, that makes Beckham look like he’s attending an Ivy League college. This is the exact opposite from those rock star looks earlier in the post. This one looks fresh, young and is super easy to maintain.

David Beckham Prep Pompadour Haircut

david beckham hair (13)

And the last is this Elvis Presley inspired hairstyle. A bit longer then your usual undercut and slicked to the side and back, this is the ultimate Wall Street ‘money in the pocket’ kind of hairstyle. Congrats to beckham for always knocking it out of the park! Or soccer field if you will…

David Beckham Shaved Head

Or if you’re really sick of it all, you can always chop it off and go bare! Shaved head can be very liberating and we’re sure Becks would agree.

david beckham hair (12)

David Beckham’s Undercut / Mohawk

david beckham hairstyle

From all the undercut looks that David Beckham has rocked in his long history of cool hair, this one has the most perfect fade. Plus the hair in the front is styled up and back, so it almost looks like a mohawk, but not quite. His hairstylist deserves a pat on the back for this one.

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