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Best Haircuts for Men With a Rectangular Shape

The rectangular face has longer features just like the Oblong shape. The jawline, cheekbones, and the chin are balanced as well but with more definition in the jaw.

When it comes to deciding what hairstyle to have, be aware that you don’t need a haircut or hairstyle that elongates your face more. Go with the hairstyles that balance your features, just like having your hair at the sides or having it over your forehead.

Avoid having hairstyles that has too much volume on the top.

Side Swept Fringe

With a rectangular face shape, having a side fringe hairstyle with be a good choice. The fringe covers your forehead and will make your face looks shorter.

Side Parting

A side part would work well with a rectangular shaped face. This makes the size of your face shorter and tries to make the look as neat as possible. Don’t make your top hair too long since this adds up to the height and will make your face even longer and that’s not what we want to happen.

Don’t make your top hair too long since this adds up to the height and will make your face even longer and that’s not what we want to happen.

Slick Back

If you want to balance out the proportion of your face then this hairstyle would be a great choice. Don’t add so much volume to the top and try applying a light pomade this will make your hair look sharp.

Messy Fringe

This kind of hairstyle fits the rectangular face. The messy fringe adds textures that balance the width of your facial features and makes your face shorter because it covers most part of the forehead.

Comb Over

When you have a rectangular face, it’s kind of important to have that neat hairstyle and comb over is one good choice. Don’t put too much volume at the top of your hair if you opt to have this style since this will make your feature a little obvious.

In this case, we want to put the attention and focus on your hair and not on your facial attributes.

Man Bun

A stylish man bun is also one of the best hairstyles that fit perfectly with longer facial features. This helps balance the width and height of your face.

Since man bun looks better with a beard and with your face shape being rectangular try to avoid it as much as possible but if you want you can try having a short beard or a mustache.

Beards will make everything stretched out and will make your face look wider.

Angular Fringe

Since the rectangular face is longer try to avoid shorter sides which mean that angular fringe hairstyle would be nice since it has a bit of volume on the sides and the fringe will hide the forehead and create a shorter face illusion.

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