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Best Haircuts for Men with a Triangular Face

The triangular face shape has its jawline prominent. It is wider than the cheekbones. This shape gives a big boned look because of its features, you could look great and attractive as long as you opt for not just the best but the right hairstyle.

Guys with triangular shape would look nice with a medium length hair and try to avoid short fades on the sides. Since the jawline is eye-catchy, try having it cleanly shaven.

Here are some best hairstyles for a triangular shaped face.

Fringe Up

If you want to balance the width at the top and your jawline then, fringe up hairstyle will be suitable for you. The hair at the top balances the look. Remember not to go too short on the sides since this will make it narrower. You need to have longer fringes since this enhances and balances the width and the height of your forehead and temple area.

Side Fringe

This style has the illusion of copying a square face shape. Thicker and longer sides together with the side fringes widen the top part to create a look that the forehead has the same width with the jawline.

Side Parted

If you want to have this hairstyle be sure that the sides are not too short since you are trying to make your forehead looks wider. The side part will lessen the attention given towards the forehead once you keep the sides long just like the top.

Textured Pompadour

Pompadour is perfect for faces with wide jawline or high cheekbones. For triangular face shape, more hair should be left on the side to make it look wider and be balanced with the jawline.

You should know how to play with the style and try to discover new tricks on how to do it so that you can create an illusion of its width and height.

Here’s how to get this awesome look just like Zayn Malik.

Curly Top

Curly hair is always eye catchy and mostly curly hairstyles looks good with guys with triangular faces. One example is the curly top. This hairstyle has shorts sides and a longer top, you can also have it undercut but not too short. This will give some sort of confidence.

Since curly hair looks good with triangular faces, try checking out our 25 best curly hair haircuts that surely rock. 


Quiff has a great volume of hair on the top which makes your face rounder and fuller in the forehead area to balance it with your jawline. Have the sides a bit longer and to add some volume above the ears.

Comb Over

Comb over creates a perfect symmetry between your forehead and your jawline. The hair on the sides makes the forehead wider. You can apply some wax and brush your hair up or to the sides.

Crew Cut

Crew cut fits any face shape so it means this looks great for guys with a triangular face. The crew cut is just a normal haircut where hair is cut short all over. The sides and the back have the same length and the top is a bit longer.

Mid Fade with Angular Fringe

Angular fringe can give you the illusion of having a wide forehead and this balances with the jawline. Keep your hair longer at the top and shorter or faded on the side. The faded style will give emphasis to your feature especially your jawline and this will make your appeal stronger.

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