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15 Man Bun Hairstyles: How to Be Manly with a Top Knot

A hairstyle that defiantly breaks the dapper, vintage look of men— the man bun.

Some may love it, some may hate but to each their own.

A man bun is defined as hair longer than 6 inches in the back. This is the minimum length to pull of the hairstyle, otherwise you won’t be able to tie up your hair.

Some of the longest hair in our montage includes 16 inches, which is the ideal length for a man bun hairstyle.

Now let’s draw a line between a “man bun” and a “top knot” just to be clear and avoid confusions.

The Typical Man Bun Haircut

Top Knot

While making a small knot of hair usually on the crown of the head is a top knot.


Common hipster look is the wearing of the man bun with a beard being shaggy and unkempt.

Man Bun + Shaved Sides

Shaven on the sides and back but maintain longer hair bound together into a bun.

Undercut Man Bun

Usually mid fade or shaven on the sides and back for undercut, and can only be seen if long hair on top is tied in a bun.

Man Bun and Beard

Like lumberjacks, bearded man looks good with a man bun or the other way around.

Man Bun + Undercut + Hair Design

If you want to be more trendy and playful with your hairstyle, this is just for you. High fade cut with option to design and keep the top hairs longer for the bun.

Man Bun Fade

Low fade on the sides and back to put emphasis on the bun.

Long Wavy Hair

For long wavy hair, messy man bun can easily be achieved. More carefree and just comfy feels.

Full Man Bun

Simply tie your hair in a bun with a more carefree look.

Wrap Around Style

Twisting  your hair while coiling it around the base to the tip of your hair of the ponytail and secure with a tie or band.

Pull-Through Method

This type of bun is one of the easiest since you just have to gather all your hair and tie with a ponytail and securing hair with an elastic. On the last pull twist of the elastic, pull hair part way through and let the other half hang low.

Half-Up Pull through

Some man bun  doesn’t have to include the entire hair, some can do the half up while letting the rest of the hair hang down. Some can be comfortable with half up or half down pull through style with the loose ends pointing up.


For a sporty man bun look, it dosn’t have to be neat and all tied up. The messy look can bring more appeal.

Half Up Man Bun

For men who would like to have a man bun but still want to let their hair hang long or at least some of it, or to just keep some of the hair away from the face, this hairstyle is just right for you.

Low Man Bun

A man bun can be worn in the middle, on top or low just above the nape of the neck for a casual look.

Dread-lock Man Bun

The longer the hair, the better bun style. Same as with dreadlocks and tying it in to a bun with a cloth or tying locks.

Man Bun with Braid

Man braids are trendy and stylish, teamed up with a man bun, what more can you ask for? Braids keep the hair neatly in place and tidy.

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