The Warby Parker Winter Collection



Warby Parker, the American eyeglasses designer founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York City, has continued to change the game of eyeglasses since they hit the market.  Immediately becoming one of the premium eyeglasses designers in the US Warby Parker has produced one great pair of frames after another, and this winter collection is no different.

Warby-Parker-edgeworth-optical-sage-front Warby-Parker-lyle-optical-english-oak-front Warby-Parker-watts-optical-newsprint-grey-front

With six new classically inspired shapes and five new hues available, these glasses are perfect for any modern man wanting to look and feel sophisticated and stylish.  Find these and the rest of the Warby Parker Winter Collection here.

Warby Parker Edgeworth, $95

Warby Parker Lyle, $95

Warby Parker Watts, $95

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