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Best Watch for Divers [2021 Guide] Inexpensive to Luxury, A Watch for Every Diver

Whoever said that analog watches are bygone clearly hasn’t looked at the best watch for divers. These timeless masterpieces of innovation, luxe, and utility will never run out of time as long as there are people who like to roam and dive in style. 

Watches for divers like the Rolex Submariner were made for a clear purpose, that is, to provide the perfect and illuminated time to a diver. Its rotating bezel was a means of measuring the depth. 

Back then, a diver’s watch was life-saving equipment, which is why some of them, like the Rolex Submariner, was inducted to be used in the English Royal Navy in 1954. 


Digital equipment might have replaced the majority of the functions of a diver’s watch, but they can never replace its appeal and style statement. 

Who would want to miss an opportunity to enter a room wearing a dashing and high-end piece of equipment on their wrists? Aren’t you excited about knowing which is the all-time best watch for divers? 

If that sounds right, follow me ahead, where I talk about the best watches that I have come across meant for deep-sea diving and why I think the Rolex Submariner topples every one of them to the ground. 

Comparing the Best Watches for Divers

WatchDial TypeDial DiameterMovement & WindingDepthCalibreUSPPower ReservePrice
Rolex SubmarinerUnidirectional Rotatable 60-Minute41 mmSelf-Winding, Mechanical304 Meters3230 Rolex ManufactureLuminescent Make
Black Dial
70 HoursStarts from $7900
Tudor Black Bay Fifty EightUnidirectional Rotatable Bezel39 mmSelf-Winding Mechanical Movement200 MetersManufacture Calibre MT5402 (COSC)Domed Sapphire Crystal
Bidirectional Rotor System
Different Color Options
70 HoursStarts from $3625
Seiko Prospex SPB 143Unidirectional Rotating Bezel40.5 mmAutomatic with Manual Winding200 Meters6R35Anti-Reflective Surface Coating
LumiBrite on Hands
Date Display
70 HoursStarts from $400
Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Unidirectional Rotating Bezel41 mmSelf-winding movement with Co-Axial escapement300 MetersOmega 8400Anti-Magnetic
Time Zone Feature
60 HoursStarts from $1700

Rolex Submariner | The Best Watch for Divers

This is one of my favorite choices when it comes to buying a watch for divers. Irrespective of what you search for, like Rolex Submariner 2020 or Rolex Submariner 2021, the results will be the same. 

Because this dapper-looking watch was launched in 1953. Ever since then, the Rolex Submariner has been a part of a diver’s life. Today, it has also become a style statement. 

It’s a requirement to get ISO 6425 certification for a watch to be called a diver’s watch. But, Rolex has never applied to get this certificate, yet their watches built for divers get more attention and popularity. 

As someone who has already worn this watch, this is one of the best watches that I have ever owned. Here are a few things that I love about the Rolex Submariner watch. 

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Features Review


  • The caliber 3135 (used in Rolex Submariner date watches) and caliber 3130 (used in no-date watches) are excellent in-house self-winding movements.
  • This watch for divers is stable, regardless of underwater conditions. In fact, in terms of shock resistance, this masterpiece is up to ten times more precise than regular hairspring watches.
  • The Triplock Winding Crown gives the Rolex Submariner a typical water-resistance of 1,000 feet, making it a real dive watch. The impermeable Oyster case’s triplock winding crown adds to the watch’s water resistance.
  • This watch for divers has a rotatable bezel with a single axis of rotation. The edges of the bezel provide excellent grip, especially when wearing gloves. 
  • The bezel is movable with a calibration time of 60 minutes. As a result, divers can track their submersion time and decompression breaks. 
  • It has a zero marker and a Chromalight capsule for excellent readability in the dark (underwater). Even the hands, hour markers, and the dial have chroma light.
  • An Oysterlock safety clasp on the band prevents the sudden opening of your Rolex diving watch. 

I could go on and on about the Rolex Submariner, but this much info is enough for you to punch a big hole in your pocket for buying this watch. However, rest assured that it’ll be money well spent. 

Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight | Best Historical Watch for Divers

Next up in the list of best watches for divers is another magnificent piece of artwork and technology. Tudor’s Black Bay collection is based on Tudor-branded Submariners from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, and the Fifty-Eight is the best tribute to that era yet. 

It has a vintage-inspired 39mm case and an old-school gilt dial or this sharp new variant in all blue. Of course, the movement is completely modern, with a 70-hour power reserve and chronometer-rated accuracy.

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Features Review


  • Tudor created the Caliber MT5402 movement, specifically for this watch. This is why you’ll get a 70-hour power reserve with this watch. 
  • The Tudor Black Bay Fifty Eight is an ultra-modern wristwatch, no doubt about that. This is a sturdy and sporty watch that can work perfectly well underwater for up to 200 meters. 
  • The monochromatic and medium size of this watch makes it a versatile piece to add to your collection. I have seen people wearing it while traveling, going to work, and even moving out for grocery shopping. 
  • Fifty Eight has a steel unidirectional rotating bezel with matt black anodized aluminum 60-minute graded disc and pink gilt markings and numerals. Behind this techy stuff, understand that you’ll be wearing a premium class, heavy-duty, and high-performance bezel built for divers. 

The Tudor Black Bay is like a consortium of all the best bits of Tudor’s divers watches coming from 1954. The gilt dial is taken from the 1954 earliest watch for divers built by the company. 

You’ll see snowflake hands from the watches built for the military in the 1970s, and you have the oversized dials. It’s like a package of six different vintage watches by Tudor but with new colors, designs, and performance-enhancing features. 

Seiko Prospex SPB143 | Best Under-Budget Watch for Divers

If you want to enjoy wearing a luxury watch on the wrist without spending too much, go for the Seiko Prospex SPB143. I know the models can be confusing, but the watches for divers are made with precision and specific features. So, detailing is imperative. 

This piece of great engineering is a grade above the basic levels of Seiko models like 5d, SKX, or the SRP. 

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Features Review


  • SPB watches for divers are distinguished by superior finishing and features, as well as an enhanced movement and (in most cases) an upgraded band.
  • This new range is 40.5mm wide, 13.7mm thick, and 46.5mm lug-to-lug. It has drilled lugs, a sapphire crystal, a large guard-less crown, a solid case back.
  • Plus, you’ll get a case treated with Seiko’s Dia-Shield hardening, along with a well-balanced and attractive design that wears well on any strap. Trust me, I have seen several of my colleagues wear this beauty with some amazing straps. 
  • The Seiko SPB’s bezel is fantastic. It may have a slight wiggle due to its 120-click design, but there is no slippage, and it feels comfortable thanks to a tight fit with the case and a good grip. 
  • I believe Seiko is for those who have experienced the calmness of underwater diving once or twice. While you might have come across other watches for divers, this one by Seiko takes the game to another level. 

My recommendation is that if you’re just getting into some serious diving, go for Seiko. It’s a perfect watch for understanding how a watch for divers works underwater and gives you enough training to start reading the time, depth, etc. 

Once you understand its workings, you can move to other high-end models like the Rolex Submariner, a diver’s dream watch. 

Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial | Best Divers Watch to Replace Rolex Submariner

A watch by Seamaster? It has to be good, isn’t it? Well, I have found the perfect Seamaster watch for divers, and with this piece in your hand, you won’t be disappointed at all, even after spending this much money. 

Omega’s Seamaster collection, which dates back to 1957, was created specifically for divers and professionals who work underwater. As a result, it has a 300-meter water-resistant rating, a screw-in crown, and a unidirectional bezel. 

That’s not all; it also has an all-element illumination, magnetic field resistance, and a robust, lightweight titanium casing with a matching strap. 

The term ‘co-axial’ refers to the automatic movement’s escapement, which lowers friction and increases longevity. A substantial 60 hours of power reserve is available.

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Features Review


  • Strong magnetic fields cannot affect the watch’s movement. Even if you take it along near strong magnetic fields with a value greater than 1.5 tesla or 15,000 gauss, this watch is engineered to perform. 
  • Sometimes, the small things and features can make a big difference, just like the battery life indicator in this watch. The Omega Seamaster 300 has a battery life of 42 months, but it also has a low-battery indicator. `
  • It has a Helium Escape Valve. This translates to a decompression system that allows helium to escape from inside the watch when worn in pressure chambers for professional purposes. 
  • For highly water-resistant divers’ watches, a self-locking screw-in crown is inserted into the case tube.
  • It boasts a unidirectional rotating bezel, which is especially handy for divers who don’t want to rotate it backward. As a backward rotating can cause them to miscalculate their dive times. 

Are you wondering how I know all these things about watches for divers? Well, as a patron of enjoying life and all that comes with it, I tend to delve into researching and trying out different things anyone could want in life. 

So, my interest is in understanding how the best watches for divers work. The Omega Seamaster is nothing short of a marvel in the industry of watches for divers. As an iconic piece of Swiss excellence, this is a perfect watch for your scuba diving expeditions. 

After all this, I still think and believe that the Rolex Submariner is one of the best watches for divers. Here’s why!



It Scores The Ocean’s Depths But Rules the World Above


The men’s Rolex Submariner has been worn by world leaders, movie stars, sports legends, and a ton of other famous personalities across the globe. 

The Submariner popularized the concept of a black-dialed stainless steel watch with a rotating time bezel, luminous hands, and a comfortable band.

The Rolex Submariner’s formative years were wobbly as it launched nine different references until the 1960s. The basics were established early on and have become the collection’s defining qualities.

The only two major alterations to the Submariner were the addition of crown guards on the ref. 5512 in 1959 and the introduction of a date function on the ref. 1680 in 1969.

The brand’s Super Case, which has lugs and crown guards nearly twice the width of preceding pieces, has been added to the contemporary collection of both. 

Despite the new case proportions, the Rolex Submariner is still a 40mm watch on paper, as it has been for most of its existence.

Fun fact, the Rolex Submariner was also worn by Sean Connery in his portrayal of the world’s most dashing and cunning spy, James Bond. After the actor adorned this watch, it became famous as “Bond Submariner” and has sustained its position ever since. 



With everything being said, when it comes to buying the best watch for divers, you need to look at the features and price. Of course, a brand like Rolex will have the perfect product, but it will also come at a price derived from the brand’s value. 

That’s why there are other options on the table, and you can take your pick. If budget is a constraint, then go for the essential features, but if the price is not an issue, I would love to see a Rolex Submariner on your wrist. 

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