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10 Classic Pair Of Jeans In Different Fits Perfect For Every Occasion

Anyone’s wardrobe would be incomplete without a pair of jeans in it. Jeans were first manufactured in 1873 in Genoa, Italy, and it’s believed that the word ‘jeans’ originated from the French pronunciation of this famed Italian city. After being realized as a durable, dual-gender, stylish, and also a versatile option, jeans quickly grew in demand. Today, they run the gambit of society.  

Today, there are many styles of jeans available, while they remain more comfortable than formal attire. Men and women all over the world wear jeans for a variety of occasions.  

Here are 10 pairs of jeans for men which would be a great option for their closet –



The most common and comfortable pair of jeans in your wardrobe has to be straight-fit jeans. From hips to ankle, the cloth is straight and has balanced silhouettes.

These are non-stretchable and are a bit baggy. They go well with polo shirts in summer and with turtle necks in winter. They work with sneakers, loafers, or dress shoes and are not too tight, for those who may want a bit of extra leg room.  


These are another type of jeans that belong in any collection. These jeans have a snug fit around the waist and are tighter around the thighs, calves, and ankles.

You can style these with graphic tees for a casual look. For formal or semi-formal wear, skinny jeans go well with sport tek shirts. Skinny jeans are usually less formal wear and go well with sneakers or tennis shoes.


Patched jeans are truly unique and lately are more popular among celebrities. These combine a number of different jean colors and are definitely intended to stand out. 

These jeans are very funky and fun to wear. They make you look extraordinary. Pair these with tees in summer or style them with jackets in the wintertime. 


If you are an athlete or like to dress a bit edgy, joggers may be your safest option for bottom-wear. These have elastic on the waist, so they’re comfortable and adjustable.

Pair these with jerseys or oversized t-shirts, according to your style. For footwear, you can choose sneakers or laced shoes. In winter this, will go well with leather or denim jackets and mid-rise boots.


These jeans fit well in the waist but get saggy as they reach thighs and knees and again get a little skinnier by the calves and ankles. Some designs come with one knee ripped or both.

Their style is closer to street fashion. if dressed accordingly, these can look good at almost every event. You can style these with tees or with half sleeve shirts. Any kind of footwear will go along with them.


The most popular jeans in the last 5 years have to be distressed jeans. Virtually everyone owns at least one pair. These jeans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the distinguishing factor being that they are pre-torn.

The intensity of ripped jeans varies from one to two knees. Style these with t-shirts, dress shirts, sweatshirts, or anything you like. These look dashing with all.


If you are skinny and tall then these jeans will be your perfect bottomwear. Well fitted in the waist and as you move down to thighs it gets a bit broader and then again narrower at the ankles.

You can wear these at every affair you attend, be it formal or casual. You can also style these with a basic t-shirt and a blazer over. For footwear, you may choose sneakers or loafers.


These jeans are inspired from the style of the 90’s and are being brought back to change the fashion game. If you want to get that Vogue or Gucci model appearance, you can use these to branch out and do something unique.

Style these with vibrant polka dot shirts or sweaters and, for footwear, boots go well with these.


High waist jeans are mostly skinny jeans that rise above the hips. You can style these with almost any type of shirt.

These are also versatile in winter and can be paired with leather jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, and so on. These fit narrowly around the ankles, so sneakers or shoes will look better with these. 


These are stitched in geometric shapes and appear as 3D, thus the name 3D panel jeans. These are a great fit for every body type and are very easy to style. 


These are some of the trendiest types of jeans that are ideal for the perfect occasion. It’s fun to explore how different styles may expand your fashion palate. You never know, you may discover something new!  


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