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For years men’s magazines, blogs, stylists, and the like have been preaching the importance of details in an outfit.  It’s the little things that truly pull it together.  Not only does it add that little extra on the outside, but it adds that small note of confidence on the inside.  Looking good equates to feeling good, and feeling good projects happiness, which in turn keeps you looking better.  Kind of an awesome circle if you can get it down.

To honestly look and feel your best, it should really start at the base layer.  How can you be 100% put together with some old undies and socks with holes in them?  You can’t.  And even if they aren’t old, once you strip off that perfectly tailored suit and have on some cheap underwear, the whole ‘Man of Mystery’ vibe is really dead.


It’s time men start taking a little care in how they look once the outer layer is shed and they’re ready to get down to business.  And while all black or all white technically matches, we’ll pass.

Thankfully, the brothers over at Related Garments not only noticed this shortcoming in menswear, they actually did something to fix it.  And now, your favorite pair of boxers will actually match your favorite pair of socks, and the lady who gets to see them is going to love it even more than you do.

Related Garments is currently on Kickstarter making their dream a reality, and now that we’ve tried these out firsthand, we can’t wait for them to hit their goal.  Not only will your new socks and boxers match, but they are damn comfortable, incredibly soft, and come in some great patterns and colors.

Check out the video below, and head over to Related Garments’ Kickstarter campaign to get your hands on your (and your lady’s) new favorite boxers.

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