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How to Build Your Workout Wardrobe [Gifting Ideas for Women]

Health and fitness have, over the recent years, become a common part of people’s lifestyle. This is evident from the number of fitness gadgets and apparel that have burgeoned in the market, complementing the demand for specialty diets and restaurants and exercise programs. Whether you’re a busy executive on the run or are more laidback and work from home, whether you prefer the indoor gym or an outdoor run, there is the appeal to be fit and healthy. And you certainly should, since a healthy mind and body means a happier life!

Fitness regimens have become so woven into people’s mindset and hectic schedules–so why not look terrific while working out? The fashion you sport (pun intended!) serves a double purpose: it is now the medium with which you express your personality, and, at the same time, it enables you to achieve your best performance.

However, not all workout clothes are the same, just as not all exercises are suitable for you. This is where luxury athletic apparel distinguishes itself.

Is it worth it?

You may ask: are luxury workout clothes are worth it? Why spend sums of money on clothes that you are going to sweat in?

When you first start working out, an old cotton shirt and leggings (for women) or shorts (for men) will probably suffice. However, as you advance in your training, your silhouette, mobility, and flexibility will change. You may find yourself looking for better sports clothes and shoes that can keep up with you; for example, materials that wick away perspiration are a must. In addition, your social circle may expand, whether it be because of your gym membership or the juice bar next door where you and your friends gather after a grueling session. Wouldn’t you want to look fabulous with that post-workout glow? Also, because of your busy schedule, you may require clothes that you can wear from your barre class to the bar, and maybe even to work in between! Lastly, new and cute workout clothes may just be what you need to get over a slump and stay motivated!

Essential luxury sportswear for women

Since you have decided to invest in luxury sportswear, there is no need to break the bank by buying clothes that you may not need. Here are a few basic pieces you may first want to purchase.

A supportive sports bra

Used to reduce the pain and physical discomfort during more strenuous physical activity, sports bras are a must. Luxury sports bras, such as from Alala, can feature no-seam stitching and an open mesh back for aeration. Tank tops combined with sports bras, such as from Michi, allow for modesty and are also constructed using high quality fabrics. To make a statement, you may also opt for stylish accents like the corset-inspired design of the Revive Bra from the brand Heroine Sport. If the weather is chilly, don’t forget to throw on a trendy sports jacket!


Probably the most versatile piece of athletic wear, leggings can be worn practically anywhere you go. There are a multitude of options for fashionable workout leggings that combine wow with workouts, as seen in the Lustrous Leggings from Koral and Luminous Leggings from Carbon 38 that look like liquid shine. Other accents are also helpful: for example, a mesh on the inner waistband that can slim you down and patterns and stripes that accentuate your backside and highlights your lean and long legs. On the other hand, you may prefer a more relaxed fit like joggers, which are also available across luxury brands.

Tank tops

Look for stylish details that make your tank tops more wearable in a variety of settings and that give you a neat, more polished appearance, such as cut-out hems, ruffles, and quirky prints.


Luxury brands like Alexander McQueen offer stylish kicks that you can definitely wear with dresses (and sometimes suits, depending on how daring you are). The Alexander McQueen trainers stand out because they’re bright white, chunky, and oversized, and they have details that combine nostalgia (the rounded toe and thick laces), classicism (the leather fabric), and modernism (metallic backs in different colors, minimal branding). It is no surprise that these sneakers are well in demand! These designer sneakers, however, while comfortable, are more suitable for walking and light-impact exercises. Wear them to and from the gym!

When it comes to high-intensity training regimens, it may be safer to stick with the more established sports brands, such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. Shoes for intense workouts are designed to absorb the shock of your weight (and the dumbbells you’re lifting) and to offer stability during squats, running, and other explosive movements. Furthermore, materials are selected so that they fit well and are comfortable and light.


This coming new year, resolve to make your health and fitness a priority while looking ready to ramp up the runway!

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