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Suitsupply – Spring/Summer Line, 2015

Suitsuppy is easily one of our favorite brands. Information on their new Sping/Summer Line of 2015 hit the presses recently and SS saw fit to give Life, Tailored an inside scoop. Here’s the state of affairs:

Spring/Summer 2015 Is A Year Away, Why Should I Care?

As a man your duty is to stay prepared. Obviously everyone prepares for life in different ways but the charge remains the same: be prepared and be cool under pressure.

Clothes are a critical part of preparedness; everybody sees them, they speak volumes about who you are and come with responsibility. I’ll be extreme to demonstrate the point: you’re on a plane, it starts going down and two people stand to lead the group. One is wearing a plain tee-shirt and the other has a full suit. Who are you going to listen to?

The right suit, the right pair of pants, the right jacket will put you well on your way to staying equipped in unusual situations. Use this time to plan ahead in your wardrobe for the next year, it’s good to turn over patterns, colors, and fabrics regularly if you have the means to do so. Now I don’t mean buying a new $800 suit every month or anything ridiculous like that, but once every couple years it is good to introduce new life to your closet.The 2015 Suitsupply line is a great place to look towards. You might not save a crashing plane with it, but then again, who knows? You just might.

Also if you’re new to the suit game now is a good time to save money and expand next year. Spring and summer is your time to experiment with suits. Maybe you own classic navies or grays and when spring rolls around you’ll be looking to invest in that adventurous third or fourth suit, something a little crazy. These are the suits to watch.

Why Suitsupply Suits Are Worth The Wait

Suitsupply is no stranger to the suit scene, they are known for excellently made suits at excellently affordable prices. This line is offers the same consistent quality, in a press release on the Spring/Summer 2015 Line Suitsupply described their designs as “hidden treasures dating as far back as the mid 19th century.” The fabrics and patterns are “reinterpreted, updated, and brought into the 21st century.” In fashion past trends always come back to style and Suitsupply is hitting the nail on the head, giving tasteful new life to old standbys.

Construction of a Suitsupply suit remains exemplary as always, listen to them explain their details below.

What We’re Saving For:

Since Life, Tailored got the inside look at these suits we can’t give you a link to them just yet. For now you (and us) have to settle on ooo’ing and ahhh’ing at their beauty. In the mean time you can head to the Suitsupply suit shop and quench your thirst for dapper menswear until 2015 over there. Refreshing!

Suitsupply - Spring and Summer 2015

Brown Plaid, Single-Breasted Suit with Vest

Suitsupply - Spring and Summer 2015

Light Grey/Off-White Plaid, Single-Breasted Suit with Vest

Suitsupply - Spring and Summer 2015

Dark Navy, Single-Breasted Suit with Vest

Suitsupply - Spring and Summer 2015

Blue Glen-Plaid Jacket with Grey Linen Trousers

Suitsupply - Spring and Summer 2015

Blue, Single-Breasted Suit

Suitsupply - Spring and Summer 2015

Plaid Double-Breasted Vest with Sky Blue Pants

Suitsupply - Spring and Summer 2015

Mustard, Single-Breasted Jacket with Vest and Brown Micro-Stripe Pants

Suitsupply - Spring and Summer 2015

Navy, Double-Breasted Vest with Grey Micro-Stripe Pants

There it is, the line every man should be looking forward to. Previews like this make it hard to enjoy the year we’re in, but make the future taste that much better.

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