Pikolinos: Your New Favorite Men’s Shoe Designer


This season we are counting on you falling in love with Pikolinos, just like we did. What’s so special about these shoes? Well, they come from a faily-owned tanneries in Spain and are meticulously crafted with a lot of personality. The soft Pikolinos leather features rich splashes of color, is comfortable, and with crafted finishes that result in collections that embody the unique, laid-back style of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Their latest collection is designed for fashionable comfort and quality that lives beyond the trends.

Their products are defined by their prime material, the leather. Pikolinos manages and processes the tanning of all the leathers in-house, to ensure that they always maintain the same essence. It’s their calling card. Crafted production, with a traditional history… they are different, that’s why we love them.

Shop your unique footwear at Pikolinos.

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