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Derby Shoe vs Oxford vs Blucher Guide to Men’s Shoe’s: When & Where to Wear Each

I was definitely confused on what’s the difference between Derby, Oxford and Blucher shoes from each other and we often ask ourselves when to use them.

These shoes, to anyone who’s not crazy obsesses with fashion, pretty much all look the same.

But, there’s actually a specific reason to wear each type of shoe, and an outfit that goes best with each one.

So, for your sartorial education, here is an explanation of the difference between Oxfords, Derby and Blucher shoes.

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoe came from Oxford, England back in 1800’s where students of the well-known Oxford University wore it (half-boot shoe) as a sign of rebellion. At that time then, this shoe is known as the Oxonian, it has narrow slits and the sides allowed the wearer to slip their feet on and off easily.

Oxford was known as formal shoes with a toe cap, but in modern years there are changes with its colors, design and the material used for the shoes. They also add some laces and lowered the height of the shoe to show the ankle. Nowadays Oxford is used with both casual and formal attire.

Oxford has a closed lacing or a closed front system, where the eyelets facings are sewn under the vamp. This gives the Oxford a more dignified and slender look. This kind of shoes is perfect for business meetings and formal dinner.

Since Oxford has a closed lacing system, it means that it’s lace flaps connect at the bottom and there is no space between the two sides when tied up.

How to Wear Oxford Shoes

Whether dressing up or dressing down, Oxford shoes are necessary to every man’s wardrobe. These shoes can be worn in various ways depending on your style preference.

How to Wear Oxford Casually

You can wear Oxford shoes with your favorite jeans, slim shirt and complete it with a leather jacket. This is a comfortable outfit to wear.

How to Wear Oxford with Suits

Nothing looks so good in a suit but an Oxford. You can pair your suits with either black or brown Oxford, in this case, your outfit would look more classy and appealing.

Make sure to match your jacket and your pants so that it will go along with your shoes.

How to Wear Oxford with Shorts

If you want to be casual and so stylish during summer, Oxford can be your outfit saver. You can wear your pair of Oxfords with a short (colorful or not) with a shirt, coat and finish it with a pair of cool sunglasses.

Derby Shoes

Derby Shoes is a sporting or hunting boots back in 185, but in the 20th century, Derby shoes became popular with the gentleman in the city. With its open lace section, it has a fit versatility since it can be adjusted to be as tight or loose you want it to become. It can also fit different foot shapes.

Derby shoes are laced up shoes with an open lacing section, which means it is not sewn at the bottom. The eyelets are also sewn on the top of the vamp. Derby shoes are also known as Gibson shoes.

In the open lacing system, the lace is not connected at the lowest part. They are connected by the laces and this creates a little gap between the two sides when the laces are tied together.

Types of Derbys

  • The Plain Derby

Considered to be the most formal type of derby. It has a vamp, quarters and it doesn’t have cap toes and heel caps.

  • The Cap Toe Derby

The cap toe derby sometimes has a brogue. This type of derby shoes normally doesn’t have heel caps but some shoes have. Cap toe is less formal than the plain one.

  • The Wingtip Derby

The wingtip derby has a pointed toe cap that is shaped like ( ‘W’, ‘M’ or ‘U). It also has a heel cap and features broguing on both sides of the edges and the center of the shoe. Known as the most informal and is available in different types.

How to Wear Derby Shoes

We all know that Derby is knows as a dress shoe, however, don’t be stuck with that thought that this kind of shoes will not good for your street style get up.

How to Wear Derby in Casual Style

You can wear your Derbys with a pair rolled-up pants, a shirt, and a coat. This would give you a smart casual look. So grab your Derbys, check your wardrobe, and get ready to be stylish as you can be.

How to Wear Derby in Street Style

Since Derbys have different designs and style, you can pair your colored derby (ie. Suede blue and brown) with your jeans and shirt. You can also add some jackets for an additional swag.

This outfit would give you a more comfortable and fresh look.

How to Wear Derby with Shorts

Talking about street style? Well, Derby can be a perfect shoe for your simple outfit. You can rock your derby by wearing shorts and colorful shirts for a more eye candy get up.

You could finish this with a hat, a blazer and a pair of sunglasses.

Blucher Shoes

Blucher is named after Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher a Prussian field marshal back in the 18th century. General von Blücher authorized a boot with sides over lapped the front to give his troop and improved footwear. Since then this design was used by the armies across Europe.

This became a popular sporting shoe in 1850’s. Later on, it became appropriate to be paired with a well-tailored clothing.

One of the best thing about blucher is that it can be worn all year round, it means you don’t have to worry about the perfect season to wear them! They can also be worn to different events like weddings, job interviews, formal dinner and more.

Blucher has an open lacing with a vamp in one piece and this is the hallmark of a Blucher shoe.

Types of Blucher

There are different kinds of Bluchers available in the market. They can be found anywhere in various colors and leathers and it doesn’t have a standard count of its eyelets for the lacing.


The most common material for Blucher just like the Derbys. You can wear this with your skinny jeans, shirt and a coat. Perfect for Winter or Fall season.


This type of Blucher is also common. They are more casual than the leathers and this a perfect match for your jacket, shirts, and pants.


Since the original Blucher was a boot, this type would be good for countries where the temperature changes every year. You can pair your Blucher boots with your plain shirt, jeans and jacket as well.

You can never go wrong with it especially in chilly season.

Derby Vs Blucher

The word Derby and Blucher are often used conversely, though they are both shoes with open lace system they still have a little difference.

Derby has 2 quarters sewn together and a vamp with a tongue while Blucher has pieces of leather sewn in the vamp which creates the lacing system.


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