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Detroit, an American city greatly affected by the downfall of the country’s economic plight, and the city’s plethora of debt acquired through many years of crime, lost jobs, and hardship.  So, is there anything in Detroit that is still significant to not only Michigan, but America as a whole? There sure is. Shinola Watches is a company born in New Jersey, but has established a flagship store, offices, and manufacturing facilities, in Detroit. Needless to say, in a struggling city, that has managed to start to build itself back up over the last few years, this company has become an vital organ that has allowed a city that was once forgotten and abandoned by so many to have a little life breathed back into it.  We have found Shinola watches to be quite captivating, not only visually, but from a business perspective. Therefore, we only saw it fitting to shine a spotlight and give Shinola watches the review and feature article they deserved.

Shinola Offices - Detroit

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