Field Scout Spring Summer 2014


Field Scout explores fashion in order to bring timeless pieces to an adventurous man. It’s based on traditional military tailoring and innovative utilitarian design. Superior fabrics and subtle detailing both result in a unique style that is inspired by specific global region each season.

For spring and summer 2014 that region is Morocco. The collection drives the inspiration from the exotic coloring and and its textures. We can find those inspirations in button-downs, flannels, knit sweatshirts, contrast sweaters, wind jackets, combat pants, short chinos and totes. The collection puts together a strong look with a military feel, functional yet delicate and stylish. It’s a kind of battle between strong and gentle, that leaves enough room for your own interpretation.

Shop Field Scout spring summer 2014 collection. 

Field Scout Spring Summer 2014 - button down - blazer - sweatshirt

Field Scout Spring Summer 2014 - contrast sweater - shirt - short chinos

Field Scout Spring Summer 2014 - pants - flannel shirt - wind jacket

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