Combatant Gentlemen and Their Intelligently Priced Suits.


Combatant-Gentlemen-SuitI am always in the market for a great suit at a great price, and when I find a new designer I like I couldn’t be happier.  For those men who want modern style without the high designer prices, look no further.  Combatant Gentlemen, a clothing company started by three friends who have a taste for fashion, technology and craft beer have brought us something we all want: great suits at even better prices.
For $160 you can choose whether you want black, navy or grey and whether you want it to be slim or modern fitting.  Made from excellent materials, cut to near perfection, and paying close attention to detail, I have no idea how they managed to keep the price at only $160 per suit, but I am damn glad they did.  Check out some of their modern and slim fitting suits below, then head over to Combatant Gentlemen and pick one up for yourself (or two, or three…).
combatant-gentlemen-black-slim-fit-suit combatant-gentlemen-grey-modern-fit-suit combatant-gentlemen-navy-blue-slim-fit-suit

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