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Here at Life, Tailored the only thing we love more than a good startup, is a good startup with a great story.  We sat down with Zach Cohen, founder of Cohen & Sons, and talked about his journey to creating some awesome shirts with prices that won’t break the bank.  Here’s how this Kickerstarter funded tee shirt company came onto our radar, and why they are one you’re going to want to keep an eye on.


How the Idea of Cohen & Sons All Began

Zach’s story starts out similar to a lot of young entrepreneurs.  He knew he wanted to go into the clothing business.  He knew he wanted to run his own brand.  Both his great-grandfather and grandfather on his father’s side had laid the path out for him, but these days getting out of college and jumping right into your own business isn’t the easiest thing.

Like many visionaries before him, Zach decided to put his dream on hold and take the traditional route for a little while.  He got himself a 9-5 and started living the post-grad life, all the while keeping his dream of starting a clothing line in the back of his mind.

Time passed and no big opportunity had presented itself as the jumping off point to designing clothes.  Until a turn of fate caused Zach to get in a motorcycle accident and break his wrist.  While most people would see this as nothing more than shitty luck and an unfortunate situation, Zach made the best of it.

He had enough money to get a camera, and now had enough time on his hands to formulate one hell of a plan.  The concept was there.  Zach knew what he was looking to do.  He wanted to head this up on his own, which meant looking for traditional investments wasn’t his first choice.  So he took his new camera and went to the people.


After creating some prototypes, some great designs, and some awesomely badass videos to showcase his project, Cohen & Sons was officially born.  And with the help of a few friends and a lot of Kickstarter support Zach raised over $10,000 in two weeks.  The idea was now officially a brand.

What we like most about Cohen & Sons, and Zach himself, is the idea that shirts should be worn.  Clothes aren’t just for sitting around in, they should be for experiencing life.  You should be able to get out, get dirty, get wet and have fun without worrying about getting a rip in your shirt.

That’s why Cohen & Sons prices are on point with living your life freely, without being bogged down by little worries.  The standard shirt’s are only $25 for amazing quality and superior fit.  The highest end jacket they carry is still only $60, but has the look and feel of something ten times that price.  Like Zach found out, if there is a girl stranded on the side of the road whose car needs a little TLC from a helpful man, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not your $100 tee is going to get dirty.


What Now?

Now that Cohen & Sons has been funded the real fun can begin.  Help Zach make his dream come true, by helping yourself get some awesome gear.  Check out Cohen & Sons on Kickstarter, and do yourself a favor by getting some kick ass shirts without a ridiculous price tag.

Now, as Zach would say, ditch your phones and get out into the world, life is to be experienced, and Cohen & Sons wants to remind you of that.  Oh and one more thing… On the highly off chance this isn’t your new favorite shirt, Cohen & Sons offers a “love it or send it back” promise.  Shipping is covered both ways, although you’ll probably only need it shipped to you.

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