New Limited Edition Canclini Fabrics by Proper Cloth


The only thing that separates you from your new custom shirt at Proper Cloth is selecting the fabric that firs you best. This week Proper Cloth stocked up on new limited edition fabrics, that will make for a great company this summer. The lightweight madras reinterpret the patterns of India and is a beautiful color for weekends from June to November. Oxford grids are a bit more classic.The best thing about them is they get softer with time. 120’s Stretch are the first stretched fabrics at proper Cloth. Perfect for anyone that likes a super slim fit and maximum comfort. Last but not least is End-on-End Stripe that works for both casual and dress situations. It goes great with soft collars and cuffs.

Italian Lightweight Madrasproper cloth - Italian Lightweight Madras

Classic Oxford Grids
proper cloth - Classic Oxford Grids

120s Stretch Fabrics
proper cloth - 120's Stretch Fabrics

End-on-End Alternating Stripeproper cloth - End-on-End Alternating Stripe

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