Indicate Interest in DSTLD


DSTLD is going public – and in a never-before-seen way! Never before has the general public been able to invest in a private company, and DSTLD is the first fashion brand to invite customers to do so. They’ve launched an indicating interest in our campaign where you can show your support by visiting this website where DSTLD is “testing the waters” to gauge market demand from potential investors.

If you haven’t heard about them just yet, here’s a few facts:

DSTLD (pronounced “distilled”) is an LA-based, online apparel company focused on designing modern staples, like the perfect jeans, tops, outerwear, and accessories, in a fundamental color palette – black, white, and denim. All of their products are manufactured in the most sought after factories and whenever possible, they employ sustainable materials, natural dies, and eco-friendly practices. By cutting out Department Stores and Boutiques, they provide premium denim and luxury essentials at 60-80% off retail prices via a streamlined e-commerce experience.

Indicate interest in DSTLD.


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