How to immediately spot a well made suit — look for these 9 details


Machines are very important when it comes to sew or making clothes especially to our men’s favorite, suit. In line with this the more handwork of suit, the better quality, the expensive the price. There are parts of suit that can be sewn by industrial technology and there’s also handmade by our skillful tailored. Below are few things to guide you to determine if a suit is well-made or not.

Handmade Button-holes

Handmade Button-holes are simple things that can make the coat noticeable among others. It takes time for a skilled tailor to finish the Handmade Button-holes in 45 minutes, but every minute is valuable for cleaner and beautifully made rather  than machine-sewn counterparts.

Smooth Lapel “ROLL”

The Smooth Lapel is one of  the most popular hand-set chest canvas jackets. The roll creates a decent look and creates a nice dimension to the garment that will form the shape you wear.  You can easily feel the layer rough of the canvas between the smooth layers of fabric and you will notice the tiny dimples in the mohair cloth above.

Self Lining

A Self Lining jacket is easy to wear and comfortable unlike the unlined jacket. It provides a smooth inside for warmth and protection. You can totally line it with your choice of fabric. For my most recent custom suit, I used a paisley.

Hand-set Collar


Collar is the most important part of jacket to give you good looks and fit. Collar Jacket is one of the fashionable styles on the street that could help your look and personality stand out. This jacket has a collar that has been eased and set by hand to flip up the lapels and take a poise.

Genuine Horn Buttons

If a simple suit has genuine horn buttons it will absolutely looks more elegant and classic. Every man needs a suit in any event or occupation. Men’s suit are made in a wide variety types of different fabrics and also made with many different types of buttons. The front buttons will emphasize your suit and your overall look.

Surgeon’s Cuffs

Surgeon’s cuffs are unique in design buttons. These cuffs were made and designed a long time ago for its vintage appearance. As you can see, these designs are difficult to style but it was made with love and passion and is popular until nowadays.

Seam Allowance

A Seam Allowance is an important part of a seam and is usually unseen inside the garment. It provides a couple of important functions and extra space between the stitched seam and raw edge of the fabric. This jacket has seam allowance for custom fitting.

Pic Stitching

Pic Stitching is purely exquisite but shows a full detail and is well crafted. One of the benefits of  stitches- keeps the jacket interlined with the edges net and clean it also prevents them from rolling or curling. There is beauty in an exerted effort handwork.

Canvas “Dimpling”

Everybody knows, Canvas can be your way to pay lesser for your suit. It also provides an extra support for each buttonhole and prevents the suit to be ruined. Canvas can give nice and clean appearance from your chest to waist.

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