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How, When & Why to Pinroll Your Jeans: Men’s Style Guide


Regardless of whether you want to feature a brand new pair of kicks or secure in a flared jean, knowing how to roll your jeans is absolutely essential. Pinrolling is a straightforward and speedy method for shortening a pair of pants; it’s popular, attractive and reasonable. It’s also generally pretty versatile regardless of your style, so you can do this while still displaying your own unique look.

Handcuffing shortens the length, but keeps up the fit – so your straight leg pants remain straight legs. Pinrolling, however, shortens the length as well as changes the fit of your pants. Simple, useful and in some cases important, pinrolling is a system that should be aced, so read on to discover how to do it.

How to Pin Roll Jeans


Knowing how to move denim the right way can completely change your look. So here’s The Idle Man’s manual for the ideal stick roll:

  1. Put on some un-bound pants and stand up straight.
  2. Snatch the inward crease at the base of one leg and squeeze it. The measure of texture you squeeze will rely on upon the looseness of the jean so judge this by eye.
  3. You will then need to crease the texture against your lower leg so the texture now covers
  4. You can now sleeve the jean. So while holding the covered texture together, roll the jean up, just around an inch or two.
  5. You can abandon it at one roll however to do a moment simply overlap the sleeve up once more. We wouldn’t recommend binding more than twice as it may begin excessively massive.
  6. Smooth out any wrinkles in the jean and you’re ready!

Pin Rolled Jeans: Outfit Ideas


Pants are one of these flexible pieces that can be fused into an assortment of looks. Need to look casual? That is simple. The best thing about pinrolling pants is that it naturally gives your leg wear a clean, practically custom fitted look, so you look casual and well tailored all at the same time. Attempt a casual look with a basic designed T-shirt, some indigo pants and basic ribbon up mentors.

For a more formal vibe, dump the mentors and get yourself a pair of calfskin loafers. You can also choose the always fashionable penny loafer, which has a smooth, rich finish. Whichever ones you pick will inevitably look great with some rolled pants.

How to Pin Roll Chinos


So you’ve figured out how to pin roll jeans, and now it’s time to learn how to pinroll pants. Fortunately for you, there isn’t much of a change.

Denim is a harsh, thick material that can remain in a pin roll effectively, yet chinos are for the most part produced using a lighter material. To prevent your pin rolls from coming free you may need to make them a bit more tightly, so be sure to confirm that the texture is firmly collapsed against your lower leg before you move them up.

Pin Rolled Chinos: Outfit Ideas


It’s essential to note that chinos doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go for fancy footwear. Blend the savvy and easygoing styles together by experimenting with a classy combination of coaches, adaptable straight leg chinos, and a basic shirt.

There’s obviously the formal way to consider also. They are chinos, after all, and they’re meant to be dressed up a bit. Keep things simply with a simply shaded finished shirt, some dark or navy form fitted chinos, and a stylish pair of chukka boots. Try not to go too crazy with the roll of your pants — you want to flaunt the boots, but you don’t want the roll to be too high. I suggest trying several different lengths to see which you like best with the particular shoe you are pairing it with.

How to Achieve the Perfect Pin Roll

To help you achieve that perfect pinroll, the Idle Man has come up with a few important “do’s” and “don’ts” for all pin rolling novices to consider:


  1. In the event that your pants are too tight, don’t sleeve. Splash on skinnies won’t should be moved, you’ll quite recently remove your flow. The fundamental purpose of binding is to flaunt your footwear, not make your feet drop off.
  2. Then again, don’t sleeve if your pants are excessively loose. Presently don’t misunderstand me, a bound loose pants a la Yeezy looks amazing, yet in the event that you’re handcuffing anything too free you’ll resemble your wearing a couple of denim harem’s. Or, then again more regrettable, you’ll resemble a MC Hammer return. Never great.
  3. What’s more, if your pants are too short or awfully long, a handcuffed fix just won’t look great. Straightforward as.


  1. Pin roll with some Selvedge pants. Those internal stripes were made to be seen so help them and yourself out.
  2. Put on some great footwear. A handcuffed jean is the perfect approach to grandstand some executioner kicks.
  3. Keep your handcuffed straight and perfect for keen, clean look.

Why Learn How to Pinroll Jeans?

Why might you pinroll pants and chinos that effectively fit and have the right length?

All things considered, there’s three mainstream motivations to do as such.

Reason #1:


I think individuals go for the pin roll today since they like the look of this pattern. It’s stylish, and sometimes that is reason enough.

Reason #2:


Others pinroll their pants since it makes it simpler to keep the sews dry. This is normally done at the shoreline or while cruising.

Reason #3:


They pinroll to keep their denim from draining onto white shoes.

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