Empower by Shopping at Apolis


If you don’t have your favorite shirt “maker” yet, than this might make up your mind. Apolis just stocked up on shirts featuring Japanese fabrics. Having a paper hand feel these shirts are cooperatively made in Honduras. Why is all this so special? Well, Apolis is a social enterprise that equips and empowers people through opportunity rather than charity. Do you see where we’re going with this? You guessed it! Since they cooperate directly with manufacturers, buying their products creates new vacancies, which makes you an awesome person for doing so. So if you don’t want to buy just another shirt, than get one from Apolis. Be that guy!

Shop for shirts at Apolis.

Empower by Shopping at Apolis-japanese-bd-navy-stripe-flat-front Empower by Shopping at Apolis-paper-button-down-charcoal Empower by Shopping at Apolis-paper-button-down-rose Empower by Shopping at Apolis-stripe-short-sleeve-button-down

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