Conscious Fashion: The Alpaca Sweater from Zady


Zady is a conscious fashion brand, that puts quality before everything else. The reason why their products stand out is because Zady takes extensive strides to expose their entire supply chain, from the raw materials and dye process, to the wash, cut and sew steps in the production of their clothing. Their true transparency in production gives customers a better understanding of how their products are made so they can make better purchasing decisions.

Just this week Zady launched a new product: the Alpaca sweater. This is a lightweight sweater made from one of nature’s best performance fabrics, Alpaca. It combines clean design with classic details and an ultra comfortable feel and fit. Made from the natural color wool of Alpacas raised in their natural habitat in the Andes mountains of Peru, it is as luxurious as cashmere without pilling, as warm as sheep’s wool without the bulk, hypo-allergenic, and one of the strongest fibers. It’s a nod to the days when the longevity of sweaters was admired, since this one too will endure.

Shop for the Alpaca sweater at Zady.

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