Bringing Vintage Back: Chubbies Shorts


chubbies shorts

We’ve all noticed that vintage styles are back on the rise and clothes that our parents and grandparents once sported are now back on the trend lists. So if there’s anything you should know this summer, it’s that shorts are the “it” piece. To narrow it down even further, we introduce you to Chubbies Shorts. They’re all about the simplicity of dressing, just like in the old days. You have your favorites such as American prints and pastel colors as well as Original 5.5″ Chubbies, Swim Trunks, Utility Shorts and the newest Nautical collection. It’s a fact: Chubbies are the best shorts ever.

Shop for shorts at Chubbies.

The Even Keels $59.50
chubbies shorts - blue-turquoise-front_large

The Pastels $49.50Bringing Vintage Back Chubbies Shorts - the pastels

The Seersucker $59.50Bringing Vintage Back Chubbies Shorts - the seersuckers

The Neons $49.50Bringing Vintage Back Chubbies Shorts - the neons

The Americans $59.50Bringing Vintage Back Chubbies Shorts-the americans

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