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Bonobos Travel Jeans Review: 5 Reasons We Love These

Bonobos Travel Jeans Review 5 Reasons We Love These (4)

When you’re traveling there’s always that issue of luggage space that eats your nerves and makes you hate packing altogether. With limited space you consider which items you really need to take with you and usually pants somehow end up at the bottom of that list. Which means you need a pair of pants that can handle anything. That’s precisely why Bonobos created their new Travel Jeans. Made in the USA from Cone Denim, they have a hint of stretch for comfort, they’re naturally resistant to wrinkles, and they can do pretty much anything chinos can. But they’re still the strong and durable jeans that we love. And here’s five reasons why.

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Reason 1: The Bonobos Fit

Bonobos Travel Jeans Review 5 Reasons We Love These (1)These Travel Jeans are not like most jeans, they have the fit Bonobos is famous for and that launched their chinos to the stardom. Travel Jeans are mid-weight and made from 10.5-ounce White Oak Cone Denim, which is 99% cotton and 1% stretch. That makes them comfortable and naturally resistant to wrinkles. Even though they’re noticeably more expensive than let’s say Levi’s, the fit, feel, and flexibility of these pants is pretty incredible and totally makes up for it. If you compare Bonobos Travel Jeans to most travel pants out there, you notice right away that the appearance is much more slim and modern. You don’t want to look like your uncle Bob when traveling, do you?

Reason 2: The Selection

Bonobos Travel Jeans Review 5 Reasons We Love TheseWe love the variety of shapes and sizes these jeans come in, because there’s nothing worse than finding a great pair of jeans and not being able to get them in different cuts and colors. You can get Bonobos Travel Jeans in slim straight, straight leg and slim tailored cuts. There are sizes from 28 to 40 for the waist and 30 to 36 for length available, plus a huge range of colors, which includes all of our favorite travel shades, such as Bangor Moss, Allegheny Oak, Manhattan Midnight, Austin Asphalt and Boston Navy. There’s no fear you couldn’t find a perfect pair for you.

Reason 3: The Practicality


Good travel pants need to be practical, right? Otherwise what’s the use? What makes these Travel Jeans great for adventures and discovering new territories is the awesome Bonobos fit, along with that 1% of stretch that allows you to move freely. Third very important detail are all 4 pockets that can quickly become occupied when traveling. You need a hiding place for your subway ticket, somewhere to put your map and all those little things you want to always have at hand. Another practical feature is the above mentioned color selection. You really don’t want to go hunting lions with the wrong colored pants, now do you?

Reason 4: The packing game


The part of travel we all hate most – the packing. It’s a game changer if your favorite pair of Travel Jeans only take very little space in your backpack or suitcase. Compared to most jeans travel pants usually take much less space. Denim twill is quite thick unlike some other cotton fabrics which can pretty quickly decide what goes into your suitcase and what will stay at home. Bonobos Travel Jeans are the perfect fusion of classic jeans and travel pants, making them a necessary packing item. Their mid-weight structure doesn’t take as much space as your normal jeans when folded into your bag, which will allow you to take additional stuff on your trip.

Reason 5: The Cleaning

Bonobos Travel Jeans Review 5 Reasons We Love These (2)

When you’re in a foreign country you never know what facilities you’ll have available. And although you’re very careful and all, adventures mean dirt and stains. If there’s no washing machine you’ll need to get your hands wet and clean your travel pants in a hotel sink by yourself. What’s really great about Bonobos Travel Jeans, if you get them dirty, you’ll be able to wash them easily with some cold water and sope. Despite what you’re used to, they’ll be dry the next morning. Being lighter then most jeans it also means they dry much quicker, which can be a very important factor if you only had the chance to pack one pair of pants. You don’t want to go pantless in the middle of the Brazilian jungle. Or worse, in a million-inhabited city.

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