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Having Smaller Wrists, I’ve Tried Dozens of Watches And These Are The Best

Men’s watches for a small wrist are definitely hard to find. Imagine wearing a big watch on your small wrist, definitely never attractive, right? I guess you might read for more to find out everything what you ask for.

Men’s Watches for  Small Wrists

If you have a small wrist, it sucks trying to find a watch.

I can speak from experience because my wrist is on the smaller side, and the bracelet is often sticking out way too much when I tighten it down on my wrist.

I’ve found some watches are made specifically for smaller wrists, and wanted to put together a guide for guy’s with small wrists to find watches that fit well and look great.

Timex Classic Digital Bracelet Watch

Timex is one of the world’s famous watches. It has original and unique designs that can be bought at an affordable price. It’s more in vintage and retro designs and has grown it’s popularity over the years.

Timex Weekender Slip Through Strap Watch

Timex has incredibly grown their popularity in current years. As you can see, below is one of the Timex watches that can be worn for your everyday outfit. It has a cute small digital face and a silver case and has a good quality nylon thin slip- through wrist band that fit and gives a good proportion on your small wrist and gives a cheerful look as it is.

Larson  & Jennings C|M Collection

Larsson & Jennings C|M Collection watches are so beautiful. You can wear the black watch in your most outfits. Other designs and colors are classic like the pictures below (except the black one). It’s perfect for the gentlemen to wear because its strap is adjustable and fits all.

Daniel Wellington Leather Strap Watches

Looking for nice and elegant watch? Try Daniel Wellington’s collection for its small faced men’s watches is great. You can wear this flexible and attractive watches for only £200, it’s very compatible to wear with an office suit or with a simple polo shirt for an easy going yet sophisticated look.

Finding the Right Watch for a  Small Wrist

Men’s fashion in terms of watches is no joke. Men’s sense of fashion is something a bit sharper. We don’t want you to find it hard choosing an appropriate watch, so keep on reading to know more about men’s watches that will fit on your small wrist.

Watch Size Guide

  • Case Diameter: If your wrist measures 6- 7 inches wide, you’ll need a watch diameter that ranges from 38mm- 42mm.
  • Thin watch case: The width of your watch typically based on the size of your case diameter. If you choose a small to medium case diameter then the watch case preferably be around 7mm width.
  • Stick with a small band in terms of watch sizes. The band is about half its case diameter. We suggest to avoid from metal bands and go for leather ones instead for it makes the wrist look a little bit smaller.

How to Alter a Watch Band

People who have small wrists usually struggle to find a watch that fits to their wrists. Sometimes ends up buying a watch that is too large for them. We have some tips and ideas to alter the fit of a watch band yourself.

Rubber and Leather  Bands

  • To modify rubberized or set watch bands you need to first take away the belt or buckle by disconnecting it from the spring bar with a spring bar tool.
  • You’ll then cut the band to the size you need. Ensure you eliminate equivalent amounts on each side. Cut along the grooves and be cautious not to cut the spring bar gateway.
  • Place the belt or buckle into position at each end of the band and place the spring bar back by aiming the gaps and holes of the spring bar with the band conduits.

Metal Bands 

  • Most modern steel band watches come with an easily flexible band.
  • Simply raise the fastening clasp and glide it along the length of the band until you reach the preferred length.

How to Choose a Watch 

Before you choose a watch, you need to know your style and size of your wrist and anything to put into consideration. Be careful in purchasing watches because remember, anything you wear mirrors who you really are. Choose one that you feel comfortable and go with your own style.


If you need an everyday watch to wear, we recommend you to spend a little expensive for it’ll last long and you’ll get more use out of it. If you’re looking for a watch that you’ll wear for a specific event then we simply recommend to not over spending- your event occurs rarely.


Consider your everyday lifestyle in finding watches. It’s up to you what kind of color, shape of timepiece and style of watch you’ll purchase. Only you can decide what to choose and wear because only you who knows your own self. For opt, choose between a Traditional- style analogue and an Avant- garde digital timepiece.

Analog vs Digital  

Digital watches have more features like calendars, alarm systems and stop-watch features which aren’t always available in analogue watches.  However, Analog watches can look more professional and will look better when you’re dressed in a suit

Classic vs Sports Watches

These two watches are different with each other. As you can see the examples below, Classic watches features are gold or silver materials, plain cases, have fewer functions, no bezels with markings and usually have thin bands or straps.

However, Sports watches are commonly larger than classic watches, have multiple functions including water- resistance, digital or have thick band, bright hands and markings, bezels with markings and casual bands.

A Brief History on the Gentleman’s Watch 

In the late 19th century, the period of changing from the gentleman’s pocket watch to the more convenient watch took place.

Watches were only worn by women for decoration until World War 1 began, military complained about the pocket watch for it was just too inconvenient to use to time their bombardment.

It was their idea to attach a small timepiece to bands to make it easier and effective during the war.

Men’s Watches for thin Wrists 

  • Keep in mind wrist watches for men with small wrists should not bargain on style
  • Do the hand test – put the watch on, tremble your hand up and down, if the watch slips, then don’t buy
  • Pick a watch that meets your needs. I know this appears to be simple but you shouldn’t use a sports watch to your formal conferences.
  • If all else fails bear in mind you can modify and adjust the watch strap
  • Don’t hurry and buy the first watch for small wrists, shop around, there are so many options on the market!
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