10 Winter Jackets from MooRER: This Year’s Breakthrough Outerwear Brand


mooRER Verona Italy - outwear

According to weather forecast this winter will be colder and slightly wetter than normal, with above-normal snowfall. To properly prepare yourself we searched for the one brand that fights cold and snow with down, fur and waterproof fabrics. We found MooRER, an Italian brand with a long tradition in luxury outerwear production. They mastered the translation of simple ideas into finished products with a functional value. Inspiration that comes from famous Italian artists is shown in these pieces as a harmony of shapes, while the choice of materials gives them an additional value. They balance clean and elegant to perfection.

Keeping warm and dry when jumping over slush is definitely a challenge. Trying to combine that with sophistication and style is almost an unimaginable combination. Combination that we found in MooRER, this year’s breakthrough outerwear brand. To match your style with beneficial effects of functionality, we give you 10 winter jackets that will keep you cosy and fashionable.

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