10 Ways to Dress for Men’s Business Casual


business casual

What happens when you receive an invite to a business event and there’s a small print in the bottom of the invitation that says “dress code: business casual”? Do you run to your laptop and Google an answer out of it or do you gather up your coworkers and brainstorm on outfit ideas? If you don’t have a clue what business casual stands for then stick around, because you’re about to find out. Although dress codes can vary from organisation to organisation, and depend on the many factors such as type of industry, size of the company, number of employees, amount of interaction between employees and customers, geography, climate, culture, and average age of the workforce, there’s a generalized description of business casual: it’s a professional, business-like image that includes casual and relaxed clothing.

A typical business casual attire would include a pair of slacks or khakis, a dress shirt, open-collar or polo shirt, optional tie or seasonal sport coat, a tailored blazer, knit sweater, and loafers or dress shoes that cover all or most of the foot. To help you visualize we prepared a list of 10 outfits according to the business casual dress code.

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