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17 Best Barber Shops in NYC: Manhattan & Brooklyn


At Life, Tailored we only believe in spending money on the best. That’s why we put together the list of the best barber shops in NYC and the top men’s haircut styles to get while you’re there.

We recently updated our list of the Best Barbers in NYC for 2021 so if you don’t find the haircut you’re looking for here, check this out.

Like shoes and suits, haircuts tend to look best when you spend the extra cash.

We are advocates of looking good and feeling even better, and everyone feels good with a fresh cut.

We’re going to help you find the best barber shops in New York City, and make sure you never step foot in a Sports Clips again.

If you need inspiration or guidance on what to actually tell your barber about the haircut names, we’ve got you covered:

  • 110 Best Men’s Haircut Styles for NYC (We cover short, medium, long, curly, receding, and black men’s hairstyles)

Here are our picks for the best barber shops in NYC: Manhattan and Brooklyn Edition.

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Best Barber Shops in Manhattan

1. The Blind Barber

blind barber (2)Let’s get this out of the way early, The Blind Barber is our favorite place.  Not only can you get a great haircut for only $40, but you can head to the back afterwards and have one of their signature craft cocktails.

Going to a barbershop should be just as much about the experience as it is the cut and these guys balance it all perfectly.  Check out the video below to see a preview of how The Blind Barber works, or stop by and see for yourself.

Specialized hairstyle:

blind barber (1)

The Blind Barber
339 E. 10th Street
New York, NY
(212) 228-2123

Blind Barber recently opened up a Williamsburg locale

524 Lorimer St
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 559-2435


Blind Barber also has a line of hair products for sale at Barney’s stores and online.

2. Frank’s Chop Shop

franks chop shopHaving been featured everywhere from the Post, to Men’s Journal to ESPN Magazine, these guys are very familiar with the spotlight, and rightfully so.

With cuts ranging from only $30 to $60 you’re going to get every penny’s worth.  F.C.S.’s barbers are young enough to know what style you’re looking for and experienced enough to get it perfect.  If you’re a modern gentleman of leisure, this is the barbershop for you.

Specialized hairstyle:

franks chop shop2

Cuts are by appointment only, so give them a call before you stop in.

Frank’s Chop Shop
19 Essex Street
New York, NY

3. Neighborhood Barbers


This run-down looking, hole-in-the-wall barbershop is nothing short of an East Village staple.  Inexpensive but far from a cheap looking cut you have to check out Neighborhood Barbers at least once (but odds are that won’t be the only time.)

A haircut is only $16 bucks but you might end up waiting for a little while.  With only three chairs and a giant client base you shouldn’t be surprised if you see a line here.  To skip the wait, get there early.  Neighborhood Barbers is open 8 AM to 8 PM Monday- Saturday and 10 AM to 7 PM on Sundays.

Specialized hairstyle:


Neighborhood Barbers
439 E. 9th Street
(between 1st Ave and Ave A)
New York, NY

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4. Paul Molé

paul mole barberHaving just turned 100 years old, Paul Molé Barbershop is true classic elegance.  Made for the man who likes it done old school and right, with a modern sense of style.

Sticking to their old school roots, Paul Molé is cash only, so be sure to hit up the ATM on your way.

The barbers are seasoned vets and get the job done right.  Plus, word on the street is this is one of the best straight razor shaves in town.  Do yourself a favor and stop by.

Specialized hairstyle:

Natural hair-coloring and traditional straight razor shaves.

Paul Molé
1034A Lexington Ave
(between 73rd and 74th)
New York, NY

5. Premium Barber Shop

premium barber shopPremium Barbershop is a place where fashion meets a real experience. The owner of the Premium Barbershop and Head Barber Uriel grew up in family of barbers. As a schoolboy Uriel took a lot from his father. He was always around his father’s barbershop where he learned the business from the first hands. Uriel has successfully operated a number of popular hair salons in Russia, Israel, and now here in New York.

Whether you want to look great for you wedding or simply impress them at your next interview, they guarantee a detailed approach to each client paid off. If you want your looks to be at a premium your choice is clear.

Specialized hairstyle:

premium barber

Premium Barber Shop
299 E 52nd St
New York, NY

6. Level Two Barber Shop

lewel two barber shopEstablished in 2008, the owner Boris came up with the idea of Level 2. He had fond memories of going to the classic barber shops for a hair cut with his dad while growing up in Russia and he keenly remembers the sights and smells of Nick’s Barbershop and the real experience of being a boy among men. It is his goal to provide a first-class barber shop experience at a reasonable price. They do their job great and give you more than a haircut and a shave–the experience is memorable as well.

Signature shearing specialties for dude include:Tapers,Razor Fades,Line Ups,Pomps,Hawks,or any other cut imaginable, even businessman cuts and kids. Signature Shaving Specialties include our 4 towel Straight Edge Razor Shave.

Specialized hairstyle:

lewel two barber shop2

Level Two Barber Shop
1491 2nd Ave
New York, NY

7. Ace of Cuts Barber Shop

ace of cutsFor a guy on the go, it can become difficult to find the time or place to get a quick and high quality haircut and men’s shaves. Ace Of Cuts Barber Shop in New York, NY works hard with our barber professionals to make sure that gentlemen are welcome at their New York salon.

Ace Of Cuts Barber Shop has expert barbers that can help you decide on the best hair cuts for your face shape. They understand that your haircut can help define the impression you make on people, and they want you to make a good one!

Specialized hairstyle:

ace of cuts barber

Ace of Cuts Barber Shop
518 E 6th St
New York, NY

8. David’s Barber Shop

davids barber shop2The gentleman’s classic barber shop experience is what upper east side residents have come to know and love at David’s Barber Shop- a neighborhood gem for over 40 years. The father and son team have established a reputation of excellence by paying attention to detail and hiring experienced artisans who ensure that you’ll walk away looking and feeling great each and every time!

Whether you’re treating yourself to a luxurious straight razor shave, haircut or just a beard trim, rest assured our master barbers will take great care of you at an affordable price.

Specialized hairstyle:

davids barber shop

David’s Barber Shop
233 E 84th St
New York, NY

9. Ray’s Barber Shop

rays barber shopEstablished in 1999, with two successful barber shops in Manhattan, and nearly 25 years experience from each of the owners, Ray’s Barber Shop delivers their clients with almost 50 years combined knowledge and dedication to the craft.

Haircuts include hot towel and straight razor neck shave. They do all types of haircuts including but not limited to fade, flat top, tape-up, and layer cut. All Razor Shaves include pre-shave creams, hot lather, steaming warm towel, post shave products and face massage.

Specialized hairstyle:

rays barber shop2

Ray’s Barber Shop
46 Park Pl
New York, NY

Best Barbers in Brooklyn

10. Tomcats Barbershop

tomcats barbershop2The only thing better than a great haircut is free beer.  Go to Tomcats and kill two birds with one stone.  In true Brooklyn fashion, while getting trimmed by one of their highly skilled barbers you can sip on a PBR and relax.

Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Tomcats specialties are those of the Mad Men era.  Walk in shaggy and walk out looking like Don Draper himself.  Tomcats will supply the pomade.

Cuts and shaves run you $30 each and the conversation with the cool barbers is free.  Take in the good music, enjoy your drink and know that the man with the scissors is going to do a great job.

Specialized hairstyle: 

tomcats barbershop

Tomcats Barbershop 
135 India Street
Brooklyn, NY

11. George’s Barbershop

georges 2 barber shopOld school to the point that they don’t even have a website, George’s is a great place to go for an amazingly priced haircut.  At only $14 a cut (only $2 more for a beard trim) they are one of the best priced places on our list.

If you find yourself with a little too much hair on your head while over in Park Slope, you should definitely stop in.  These men are professionals and take their work seriously.  You won’t leave George’s unhappy.  Swing by the original location, or stop by George ‘s 2.

Specialized hairstyle:

georges barber shop

George’s Barbershop
475 11th Street
Brooklyn, NY

12. Barber on Pearl

barber on pearlLoved by Brooklyn residents, Pearl Barbershop isn’t full of frills and tricks to get you to stay.  They work on quality alone.  With haircuts starting at $17, these barbers are all about making you look your best without breaking the bank.

Their focus is bringing out the best of your natural style to ensure you like your haircut every single time you visit.

While we’re aware that you may not go all the way to DUMBO for a haircut if you live in Midtown, this should be the only place you go if you’re in the area.  Check it out for yourself, and enjoy one of the best haircuts you’re likely to get anywhere.

Specialized hairstyle:

barber on pearl 2

Barber on Pearl
57 Pearl Street
DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

13. Stepping Razor Barbershop

stepping razorEstablished in 2010 by owner Danny Baptista, The Stepping Razor barbershop in Brooklyn NY strives to keep service quality high and prices low. Here you can be sure you will receive an excellent haircut or shave with no B.S. You won’t find any barbers in bow ties or costumes here.

The Stepping Razor leans into the realm of a classic 1940’s American barbershop without being stuck in the retro vortex. Although they do specialize in American classic traditional haircut styles and shaves, they are very versatile and can do much more.

Specialized hairstyle:


Stepping Razor
952 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, NY

14. The Land of Barbers

the land of barbers2The land of barbers was born from the founder, Enrico Mariotti’s need to go back to his roots. In America, Enrico made Williamsburg his second home. The neighborhood’s vibe and energy reminded him of his own roots in a small neighborhood of central Italy. These are the foundations of The Land of Barbers, a barbershop with international flair that wants to make people feel at home.

As of today, the Land of Barbers is a crossroads of cultures and experiences brought together by the art of shaving. Three chairs that embrace the needs of men and women. A place where barbers feel at home and share their talents to create for each client, a personalized style.

Specialized hairstyle:

the land of barbers

The Land of Barbers
422 Graham Ave
Williamsburg, NY

15. Elegant Barber Shop

elegant barber shop2Elegant Barber Shop was established in 2013 by Max who is the third generation of barbers. Their barbers provide traditional and short hair cuts, as well as contemporary men’s haircut styles. From the real barber chairs, to the old fashion hot lather and straight razor shave.
They also do all types of hair cut Mohawk, Fades, Flattop, Regular.

According to the customer reviews this is a really popular spot to get a cut, since Max makes you feel like a million bucks. They’re known for good prices, great staff and minimal wait.

Specialized hairstyle:

elegant barber shop

Elegant Barber Shop
310 4th St
Brooklyn, NY

16. Men’s Best Haircut

mens best haircutMax Zoda, CEO of mensbesthaircut.com is the consummate source for the grooming needs of New York’s most Luxury men. His classic approach of straight razors and shears has earned him a strong following, and his expertise in the areas of skin, facial hair and grooming needs is unmatched. Max has spent more than fourteen years mastering the classic art of barbering and is proud to maintain its heritage, while adapting it to suit the modern styles enjoyed by.

Max offers each of his clients a unique treatment, personalized to suit their hair and skin needs. Licensed in both Barbering and Cosmetology, His services include straight Razor Shaves, Facial Hair Trimming and Shaping, Haircuts, Skin Services and Overall Grooming. Max Zoda has developed a keen eye over the years for facial hair, and is an expert on what styles suit different face shapes.

Specialized hairstyle:

max zoda

Men’s Best Haircut
499 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY

17. Big Apple Barber Shop

big apple barber shopEstablished in 2010, The Big Apple Barber Shop offers residents of the East Village, Alphabet City, and Stuyvesant Town high-quality service that focuses on each unique customer in a warm and friendly atmosphere. As the premier barbershop in New York they have removed all of the pain from getting a haircut. They specialize in many men’s haircuts including: mohawks, faux-hawks, fades, regular haircuts, Caesars cuts, and all types of modern haircuts.

Master Barber/Stylist, Igor has over 20 years experience from the Frederic Fekkai Studio and John Louise David Studio as well as his own New York barber shop, so you’ll be in good hands.

Specialized hairstyle:

big apple barber

Big Apple Barber Shop
426 E 14th St
New York, NY

Barbers with Beers: Top 6 Barber Shops that offer a beer with your haircut

Is there anything better than receiving luxury treatment on your hair while sipping your favorite brand of beer? Probably not. That’s why we have compiled a great list of 6 New York City barber shops that offer complimentary drinks with their services. Find one that’s closest to you, or work your way through the entire list to find your favorite!

1. Tommy Guns

The prohibition-style decor, complete with 1920s barber chairs, is reason enough to give Tommy Guns a try. What makes this Lower East Side barber shop even better, however, is the fact that they offer each and every single customer a complimentary beer or glass of wine.
85 N. 3rd Street
Brooklyn NY 11249

2. The Stepping Razor

Believe it or not, this barber shop was once located in the back of a bike shop and has since become one of the coolest, most unique barber experiences in New York. Their main goal here it so ensure that clients are happy, which makes this well worth your money. There is always some kind of whacky conversation going on, and that has in large part to do with the diverse clientele. From Wall Street brokers to creative Brooklyn hipsters, you will see all kinds of characters coming and going from these four walls. As for the beer, the barbers believe that it’s part of the experience.
952 Flushing AVE
Brooklyn, NY 11206

3. West Village Tonsorial

Barbers here dress the part. With vests, ties, and dress shoes, you know from the moment that you walk in that you’re in a classy joint. Customers are even offered their choice of complimentary drink; whiskey, beer, or red wine are all at their disposal for the duration of their trip. They tend to focus on the latest trends, which right now is the 30s era style with a short back and lots of pomade. Just don’t expect to get out of here quickly — most cuts are a multi step job meant to pamper you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience for a while.
162 7th Ave S
New York, NY 10014

4. Tomcats Barber

tomcats barbershop2
Although already mentioned on this list as one of the best barber shops in Brooklyn, it deserves to be mentioned again. There is something so very relaxing about the Mad Men style of this place, though it certainly doesn’t hurt that you can it back in your comfortable chair and sip on a PBR while you get your hair cut.
135 India St
Brooklyn, NY 11222

5. Esquires of Wall Street

Don’t let the name fool you — this place is fun. Just because it’s located on Wall Street doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed a stuffy, over priced time. New York City is so diverse, and that is one of the single best things about it. Come in to Esquires and get a nice clean cut while sipping the beer of your choice. If beer isn’t your thing, ask to check out their liquor cabinet. They’ll almost always oblige.
14 Wall St #3
New York, NY 10005

6. Barber Room 306



You know how people say that you should always trust your barber? This place makes that easy. The barber will listen carefully to make sure that they are doing exactly what you want with your hair, but they will also chime in and add a few suggestions of their own if they don’t think you’re going to look your absolute best. Much like the others on the list, this casual joint is made even better by all of the free beer, coffee, and soda hey offer their customers.
306 Graham Ave.
East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Our Final Words on the Best Barber Shops in New York City

There you have it.  Nothing fancy, just honest.  No more needing to Google and Yelp every barber shop in New York City to determine which is right for you.  These are the only seven you need to know.  Pick your favorite, or hit up each one.  Either way, now you know all the best barber shops in New York City.

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