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Uber Promo Codes for New & Existing Users 2023: NYC & More [$10 off all Tesla “better” Uber]

Most of us have already ridden Uber, which means the coupon for new users no longer works. Thankfully, if you’re in New York City there is a better Uber. It’s called Revel. What makes it better? Well first of all, all the cars are Teslas.

No more pickup trucks, cars with no AC. Plenty of legroom, they allow dogs and they’re driven by full-time drivers. What are 8 reasons why you would ditch Uber? We found them all when we made the switch to Revel. Use my promo code and get $10 OFF and skip the Waitlist. Revel is not everywhere, but it’s everywhere you want to be.

Take care of Mother Nature and Save Tons of Money while taking electric rides across the town with Revel’s new promo code applicable for the month of July.

Use the code ANDREW400 in your Revel App and Avail heavy discounts. 

New Uber Coupon for Existing Riders
We cannot find a working coupon for existing drivers, we recommend using the Revel promo code which is 100% working as of June 18, 2023.

We’ve got a fresh new pair of Uber coupons for 2018, both work for existing riders! To apply the coupons, open up your Uber app, go to the Payments tab, scroll down then select “Add Promo Code” and you’ll get the discounts on your next ride.

  • FIVEOFFTWO: Save $5 off each of your next two rides (maximum $10 savings)
  • TWOOFFTEN: Save $2 off each of your next 10 rides  (maximum $20 savings)

Terms: Codes must be entered by June 22, 2018 for rides valid through July 6, 2018. Promotions are only valid “up to 14 days after entered.” If you don’t ride regularly, I wouldn’t enter this code until you know you’re going to take your next ride to maximize the 14 day window.

Uber Coupon For 1st Time Riders: Get $5 off your first ride using the promo code “uberLTcoupon20”. For a limited time, first time users get $5 off their first ride.

Lyft Promo Code

If you’ve joined the #DumpUber movement, and are looking for an alternative to Uber, check out Lyft. I personally use them on a daily basis in NYC and it’s just aas good as Uber if not better: Get $25 off your first Lyft ride with our promo code link.

Uber is scorching for summer, and apparently eager to spend their $1.2 billion on free rides for all of us.

Uber occasionally releases new promo codes for existing riders, the most recent was 50% off all rides in New York City with the code “MDWNYC50”. This is now expired as was last valid in May, 2017.

They have double the normal referral bonus so now every person that you refer gets $20, and you get $20 as well, so if you have not yet signed up for Uber, please use our link, but more importantly share this link with your friends so you can reap the benefit.

No word right now when the Uber promo code $20 ends, so get to sharing.

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Uber Coupon Codes

American Airlines AAdvantage

Exclusively for American Airlines AAdvantage® members, Uber is rewarding new users with two discounted rides — up to $10 each. Whether you’re starting your journey to the airport or just landed at your destination, Uber will get you where you need to go quickly and comfortably. Sign up for Uber and use promo code AA2RIDES3 to receive your rides today.

The Uber Commute Card

This summer Uber is treating you to unlimited uberPOOL trips in Manhattan during commuting hours. The Two-Week Unlimited Commute Card (July) cost only $49 (was$100) and will get you two weeks of unlimited uberPOOL commuting trips in Manhattan. All trips must begin and end in Manhattan below 125th Street and is valid Monday-Friday from 7-10 AM and 5-8 PM. This offer ends on July 26th and you can learn more here.

$20 Uber Credit for Existing Users

Facebook Messenger integration comes with $20 Uber credit for existing Uber users. For a limited time, you’ll get a free ride the first time you use the feature (up to $20 value) with Uber.

All you have to do to claim your free ride is link your existing Uber account or set up a new account within Messenger and request a ride. When you choose the car item via transportation inside the Messenger app you should be able to link your Uber account. Then the first time you use Uber via Facebook Messenger you’ll get a $20 credit on that ride.


Here’s to a great Winter with Uber, make sure to checkout #UberLoyalty, the program where you can get free Uber credits, coupons, and hotels by being a top 500 rider in your city.

Looking for an Uber competitor? Get $25 off your first Lyft ride with our promo code link.

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My Uber Review After 500+ Trips

I’ve ridden on almost every type of Uber car.

I have ridden in Uber more than 500 times, and consider myself one of the foremost experts on the ride service. I have ridden in UberX, Uber Black, Uber SUV, Uber Select, and even Uber Lux. I’ve taken Uber in the following cities: Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Jacksonville, Napa Valley and New York.

UberX is the cheapest.

Uber Lux is the most luxurious.

Having taken so many rides in so many cities, I wanted to share with you some of my tips for riding in Uber. For the most part, you should also choose to ride UberX. UberX is going to be the cheapest option, and can even result in some really nice rides (I got picked up in a Tesla in Napa Valley).

Try out Uber Pool to get the lowest price.

If you’re taking a ride from the airport, try out Uber Pool. It’s the ride sharing option from Uber and results in a 50% discount on your normally priced UberX ride.

Most of the time, Uber Pool doesn’t pick up anyone.

The way Uber Pool works is once you request a ride, and enter in your destination, Uber looks for someone who is on the way to share the car with. If Uber finds someone, they will pick them up, and they split your fare in half. If there is nobody to share the ride with, the fare is split in half as well.

The thing is, when going to and from the airport, it’s tough to find someone else going to the airport at the same time and on your same route. So that way you can save 50% when you ride to the airport.

Toggle between Uber Black and SUV to find an SUV.

Another nifty trick is if you need a 5 person SUV, but don’t want to pay for the SUV rate, you can sometimes figure out if a vehicle is actually an SUV that would be available as a black car. What you do is switch the toggle from black car to SUV and notice which cars popup or disappear.

Look for the SUVs that are in the same spot for both types of vehicles, and then when you request one, it’ll increase your chances of getting an SUV at the black car rate.

Uber now has shortcut buttons.

Some of Uber’s latest features include a “home” button that makes it easy to do a one-click destination when you’re heading home. In addition to home, they have a list of frequently visited places. Since I work from home, one of my most frequent destinations is to get a men’s haircut at Blind Barber in the East Village.

First Time Uber User Coupon/ Uber Promo Code

Uber Coupon Promo Code Review

We here at Life, Tailored love arriving in style everywhere we go.  We also like saving money.  We have scoured the internet and exhausted all our resources to come up with the most comprehensive list of ways to knock a few bucks off your fare when taking Uber.  So here you go, our list of every Uber coupon, Uber promo code, and anything else we could find to help you get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ for a little less cash.

Uber Coupon Promo Code

When it comes to first time users Uber gives great deals.  You can get $20 off your first Uber ride by clicking here or by downloading the Uber app on your smart phone and using the promo code uberLTcoupon20.  While the code says 10, we promise you it is actually $20. 

Uber 20 off coupon

There are also five more codes for first time users to redeem another $20 each and they are UBERVIP8, UBERVIP70, UBERVIP5, UBERVIP83 and UBERVIP44. 

However, for the UBERVIP8 promo code, you must log into uber.com rather than applying it on your phone. Once signed in online, click the promotions page at the top and proceed to enter in the code.
Uber Promo Code vip8

Uber Coupon for 2015:


Expired: For a limited time, add a $25 discount on top of your $20 first time promo code!  After signing up with our promo code offered above, use promo code “HIPMUNK” in the Uber app and you will receive $25 extra, giving you a total of $45 in free Uber rides!

All credits will automatically be applied to your account once entered into the app.  No need to worry about it during your first ride, Uber will automatically use your credits first, before they ever charge you.

Uber Promo Code for Existing Customers?

Uber Delorean promotion

While finding Uber coupons for existing users isn’t always easy, Uber loves to partner up with local and national brands and events to give discount rides.  On top of that, Uber regularly has really cool promotions that can help you do anything from take a helicopter to The Hamptons, have your Christmas tree delivered or even head Back To The Future in a DeLorean.

Here are some partnerships we’ve seen, along with some of our favorite promotions Uber has had so far.

Uber Promo Code for Not First Ride?

Unfortunately, there are no current promo codes for the month of July for existing users.

Expired. We found a coupon that offered 20% off any one trip for existing customers, valid until January 13th. The promo code is UBERTPG20.

Expired. There’s a stackable coupon for new and existing customers can get a $40 credit (expires 4/01/14) by entering the code NYCZRZR130308.

Expired.  For existing customers, get 10% off using the code NYAUTOSHOW10.

Expired. Get $10 off Uber for existing customers with the code 10r62014. This is the first in awhile for coupons for existing customers, we have rumor it expires July 10th, but we didn’t find the original source so we can’t confirm.

Previous Uber Promotions

Uber Coupons and Bud Light

Uber and Bud Light are a partnership that can’t be beat, something like peanut butter and jelly, but way better.  Before the Super Bowl Uber and Bud Light had a sweepstakes giving away free tickets, for those who didn’t win but entered you still got a $25 ride credit with Uber.

They also love to promote having a great night.  Check out this video below and make sure to always say yes if your Uber driver asks you if you’re #UpForWhatever

4th Of July, Uber Style

Uber Chopper

Independence Day just wouldn’t be complete without a chopper to the Hamptons, right?  Well this last 4th of July Uber helped New Yorkers skip the traffic and travel in the ultimate style for $3,000 with UberChopper.

Uber Chopper Phone

Celebrating Christmas with Uber

Uber Tree Uber Promo

In ten major cities this past Christmas, Uber teamed up with Home Depot to offer UberTree, an on demand tree delivery service.  For $135 Uber users around the US could get a tree along with a tree stand and a gift from Uber delivered right to their home.

Uber Goes Back To The Future

delorean black Uber Coupon

In September, Uber and GE partnered up to bring the residents of San Francisco the best possible way to get around the city: The Uber DeLorean.  Luckily, all speeds stayed below 88 mph and no one in San Francisco wound up in a different year.


uberxl launches prices

To accommodate more customers, Uber recently launched UberXL in May of 2014. UberXL offers larger vehicles (think current Uber SUV) at lower prices.

Prices are about 16% higher than normal UberX, but still super affordable compared to UberSUV. For UberXL vehicles you can expect Honda Pilots and Toyota Highlanders.

We can confirm UberXL is available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Uber VIP

Uber VIP review

The current loyalty program for Uber is #UberVIP, which offers you access to the highest rated drivers who typically have nicer cars (Escalade, Mercedes 550s, Suburbans, etc.) and you get them to pick you up for the same rate as regular UberX.

Uber SUV prices are almost double UberX, so VIP is pretty awesome. To get VIP, you need to have ridden Uber at least 100 times, although this number may vary as they haven’t fully disclosed the details on qualification.

I love VIP because on days when UberX, Uber Black and Uber SUV may be on surge price, you have a fourth option of VIP, and they may NOT be on surge, saving me a ton of money in the rain or snow.

Uber Loyalty Program: #UberLoyalty

In addition to Uber VIP, Uber has rolled out #UberLoyalty in Phoenix. The program rewards the top 500 riders each month with:

Uber coupons
Uber credits
VIP access to parties & events
Credits for free hotel staycations

Pretty awesome rewards, and I’m looking forward to Uber rolling out the loyalty program to NYC and other markets.

Uber’s Presidential Status

Ubercade Uber Promo Code

For President’s Day, Uber brought out Ubercade for the second year in a row.  A few lucky New Yorkers who ordered an Uber Black Car between the hours of 8am and 3pm on President’s Day were not only given an amazing ride, but were escorted by an entire motorcade, for free.

While these are some of our favorite promotions Uber has offered, trust us when we tell you this is only scratching the surface.  Uber seemingly has new promotions with each holiday.  Make sure to check Life, Tailored regularly to stay up-to-date on all the latest Uber promos, giveaways and cool features they are offering at any given time.


UberLUX promo coupon codes

UberLUX is a recently launched car service in Los Angeles that provides you with the pinnacle of the Uber experience.

UberLUX service allows you to arrive in true Hollywood style: the best cars, driven by the highest rated driver-partners. Expect luxury vehicles such as a Tesla Model S, Mercedes Benz S-Class or BMW 7-Series.

Since the experience is truly premium, the prices match the high-standard service. Starting with the base fare of $20, you’ll pay $0.60 per minute or $4 per mile. The minimum fare is $30.

Eventually UberLUX will be available in other cities as well, offering the ultimate level of luxury.


UberPLUS Promo Code Coupon

When you want to go out with your friends or impress that special someone without having to spend a fortune UberPLUS will make a great choice of transport. It’s a stylish, sleek ride at an affordable price. uberPLUS offers an elevated experience at rates cheaper than a taxi and seats up to 4 passengers. You can expect pickups from BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Classes and Audi A4s, among others.

The rates are really awesome starting with a base fare of $5 and $0.40 per minute or $2.35 per mile.

When you don’t want to deal with LA parking, request an uberPLUS and split the fare with your crew. A ride from Downtown LA to Santa Monica is only $50, and Culver City to Hollywood is just $33.


UberPOOL Cheapest Way to Share a Ride

The cheapest way to Uber is now here. UberPOOL is Uber’s version of carpooling.

Here’s how it works.

1. Request a ride by going to uberX and toggle to UberPool. Set your pickup location and destination

2. Riders will be matched to you if they are traveling along a similar route.

3. Relax now that’s all you have to do. If a ride is matched you’ll be notified and pay up to 50% less.

You may want to prepare for the stranger by moving to the opposite of the car, or not.

UberPOOL is available in all 5 boroughs of NYC, and each request can have a max of 2 pckups for a total of 4 riders. So now there’s no excuse not to Uber, it’s almost the cost of a subway ride (almost).

Use this tool to calculate the cost of an Uber ride.

Uber Competitors

Uber and Lyft

It’s no surprise we love Uber, but they are not the stand-alone cab on demand service anymore.  Uber has been followed by a number of companies wanting to take the throne.   Check out the companies below, and help yourself to a free ride or two on us.

If you want to drive for Uber, checkout the complete resource on how to get started here.

Lyft:  A fun, less buttoned up version of Uber.  Click here to check out our Lyft review and get $25 off your first ride. Lyft, as of April 25th, rolled out a massive expansion to 25 new cities. One of those interesting to us is North Jersey, aka Hoboken, which to us means Lyft’s arrival in Manhattan is imminent.

Lyft recently launched in NYC, which should put pressure on Uber to further have to reduce prices to keep up. Lyft right now doesn’t have nearly as many cars, so they have an aggressive program where if you can refer a TLC driver to them, you get $400, and the driver gets another $400.

Hopefully this will drive a reduction in Uber’s pricing or at least the emergence of some new lucrative promo codes for existing riders to reward them for their continued loyalty. (You’re welcome)

Lyft promo code

Gett: Very similar to Uber with a few changes.  Gett offers fixed pricing and doesn’t have surge pricing like you find with Uber at times.  Click here to see our Gett review and get $20 off your first ride!

Gett Car Service

Summon:  San Francisco based and very similar to Uber, Summon (formerly known as InstaCab) is doing its best to take over the streets and compete with the rest of them.  Click here to see our Summon review and get $20 off for a limited time when using promo code AWISE.

Uber Car Service Coupon Code


Well there you have it, all the ways we can think of to save you a few dollars while getting around town.  So whichever car service you choose as your go-to, we hope we helped save you some cash.

Don’t forget to click here and get $20 off your first Uber ride!  Enjoy, and have a safe ride!

Current Uber Promo Codes, Coupons and Promotions


While we will do our best to always keep you informed of whatever promotions Uber has going on, they often have promo codes specific to your city.  Check out the Uber City Blog to see what Uber Promo Code is being offered up just for you at any given time.

Uber Prices



UberX Promo

Base fare $3 + $0.40 per minute / $2.15 per mile

Manhattan – JFK Airport $60
Manhattan – Newark Airport $65
New York City area – Hamptons $300
Williamsburg – East Village $15
Nolita – Lincoln Center $20
Grand Central – Financial District $22


UberBLACK Promo

Base fare $7 + $0.65 per minute / $3.75 per mile

Manhattan – JFK Airport $100
Manhattan – Newark Airport $100
New York City area – Hamptons $400


UberSUV Lineup

Base fare $14 + $0.80 per minute / $4.50 per mile

Manhattan – JFK Airport $125
Manhattan – Newark Airport $125
New York City area – Hamptons $500


UberPLUS Vehicle Lineup

Base fare $5 + $0.40 per minute / $2.35 per mile

Downtown LA – Santa Monica $50
Culver City – Hollywood $33.


UberLUX Line Up

Base fare $20 + $0.60 per minute / $5 per mile

Lyft Lux

Lyft is available in Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV. These are premium options for Lyft (black car or luxury SUV service provider) customers. These cars are currently available in five places: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Jose and San Francisco. Lyft is also expanding in 15 more places through mid-June. Expect more expensive ride choices than a regular Lyft.


First of its kind, the UberBOAT have raised the class and standard in transport servicing with their latest UberBOAT. If you are sailing across the Croatian waterfront, you will see UberBOATs cruising around the crystal clear waters, surrounding the beautiful sceneries.

Standard Pricing

Eight Passengers: $395
Twelve Passengers: $493

What Countries Have Uber

Uber is available in 57 countries and 300 cities worldwide:

South Africa
United Kingdom
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
Czech Republic
Saudi Arabia

Referring Friends for Credit

Every time a friend or family member uses Uber thanks to your referral, you receive credit towards a free ride. Simply create your own referral code and once it is used, not only does the person receive their first ride for free, but you earn credit on your account. uber codes for existing users free ride

This method of earning free credit works so well, that one man managed to earn $50,000 towards free rides. He created his own promo code, “uber$20FreeRide” then sent it out to the 700 people whose emails he had advertising it. However, he did not stop there and continued to post this code on Reddit which in turn caused over 2,000 people to use his referral. His account was eventually suspended due to him abusing the program, as only friends and family are supposed to use it. However in the end, although the $50,000 was taken away, Uber did grant him $500 for getting as many referrals as he did.

Uber Fundraising History

Uber has been extremely busy in private fundraising. They first received venture funding in late 2010 from First Round Capital and a group of super angel investors in Silicon Valley. The group included Chris Sacca. Then, in early 2011, Uber raised more than US$11.5 million in Series A funding led by Benchmark Capital and then later that year raised $32 million in funding from more investors, includingMenlo Ventures, Goldman Sachs, and Bezos Expeditions, bringing its total funding to $49.5 million. Other investors include Google Ventures which dropped in $258 million, Chinese search engine Baidu, Qatar Investment Authority, New Enterprise Associates, Valiant Capital Partners and Lone Pine Capital. In December 2014 Uber was already worth US$41 billion. In May 2015, Uber revealed plans to raise between $1.5 billion and $2 billion in new funding, raising the value of the company to $50 billion or higher.

Uber Leadership Team

TRAVIS KALANICK, Co-founder & Chief executive officer
He is the co-founder of the peer-to-peer file-sharing company Red Swoosh and one of the 400 richest Americans, with an estimated net worth of $5.3 billion. Travis believes that every problem has a solution and so in 2001 he started a company called Red Swoosh, a peer-to-peer file-sharing company. In 2007, Akamai Technologies acquired the company for $19 million. In 2009, along with Garrett Camp, Kalanick founded Uber.  He’s guided the company from a niche market in San Francisco to its global presence today. Along the way, Travis has actively invested in and advised other passionate startup entrepreneurs. 

THUAN PHAM, Chief technology officer
Pham scaling Engineering to address the challenges that arise with Uber’s rapid growth. Previously a VP of Engineering at VMWare, Westbridge and Doubleclick, Thuan has proven to be an inspirational leader who can deliver exceptional mission critical software and services. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering and an M.S. in EE/CS from MIT.

RYAN GRAVES, Head of global operations
Ryan grew Uber’s operations team from a single employee to a global workforce. Previously, he focused on growth and business development for Foursquare and SocialDreamium. He also led enterprise resource planning and corporate restructuring at General Electric and CNA Insurance. When not scaling Uber’s operations, Ryan volunteers as a consultant for internet businesses and not-for-profit ventures. Ryan holds a B.S. in Economics from Miami University (Ohio).

SALLE YOO, General counsel
Salle ensures that Uber can rapidly expand its global presence and sustain long-term growth in existing markets. A graduate of Scripps College and Boston University School of Law, Salle was a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, where she represented leading energy, telecommunications and technology firms. She serves on several boards, including the Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area and the Museum Council for the Asian Art Museum.

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