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22 Best Barbers in NYC: Manhattan & Brooklyn Barbers Edition

Let’s find out which are the best barbers in NYC. New York, two magical words that will leave even the best of magicians in the works surprised and bewildered. A place that is known for art, FASHION, gastronomy, and theater. NYC is the place to be if you want to live life king size. 

Speaking about living a grand life, your hair, or lack thereof, has a significant role in how the rest of the world observes and judges you. A magnificent hairstyle or a confidently worn bald pate can transform you into a man ten times your age. 

Still, beautiful style necessitates some maintenance, which is why it’s crucial to go to the barber every now and then. A bad haircut is like bad breath, you may not notice it, but everyone will.

So, to avoid your “excuse me, I have to make a call” and run away situation, make sure to visit any one of these best barbers in NYC. 

Top Three NYC’s Best Barber Shops

Barber ShopType of ServicesPrice
Mildred New YorkHaircut
Haircut - $55
Frank's Chop ShopHaircut
Beard & Trim - $25 to $35
Haircut - $30 to $55
Combo - $65 and $75
Paul MoleHaircut
Children's Cut Men's Manicure
Gentleman's Cut - $38
Deluxe Razor Shave - $39

Lower-East Side | Mildred New York


Mildred radiates white, rustic, and minimalist vibes. For hair coloring and women’s hair care, there are three chairs near the front and a couple more in the back, with a bench in between for chilling around. Mildred’s is not a large place, but it’s pleasant and soothing. 

The barbers are pleasant and will consult with you to know the exact look you desire. While you wait, they will provide you with a complimentary beer, coffee, or water. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a nice dog that might greet you at the entrance. It’s a reasonable place to get your hair groomed and cut with an attentive barber staff. 

Love, Dunetter is specialist hair care and styling service connected with Mildred giving you the opportunity to get a more intimate experience. The style artists here have experience, determination, and the enthusiasm to bring out the best in your hair to ensure that everything on your head and the face resonates with your personality. 

This is me giving a shoutout to the great staff at Mildred; Eric Holmes, Paul Langevin, Robert McMillen, Sanford Rodriguez, and Vinny Bartolillo. You can book your appointment with any of these artists from here

East New York | Frank’s Chop Shop


Frank’s Chop Shop caught my attention after a NY Daily News article was published back in 2012. Apparently, Frank’s Chop Shop regularly houses celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal. The background music and chatty barbers is what makes Frank’s Chop Shop stand out from other best barbers in NYC. 

Visit here if you are undecided about your haircut, as the barbers will help determine the right style for your face and build. I reckon this is something every barber will do, but I found the barbers here to be better than others. With two operating shops in New York and Los Angeles, you can also book an appointment before visiting here. 

Upper East Side | Paul Mole


It has been more than 100 years since Paul Mole has been serving the people of NYC. My reason for adding it in the best barbers in NYC list is not only its age. But it’s about the traditional cutting infused with a contemporary style. The aesthetics of this place is even better and makes you feel like walking into an era back in time. 

Aged wood trims, leather-and-chrome barber chairs, antique barber poles, and store heirlooms complement the state-of-the-art amenities, including a complimentary cappuccino on arrival.

Seven Best Barbers in NYC Boroughs

Barber ShopBoroughServicesPrice
The Blind BarberManhattanDay:

Bar and Drinks
Haircut - $60
Beard Trim - $40
Haircut and Trim - $90
Fleischman SalonManhattanHaircutHaircut - $75 to $250 (Depending on the Stylist)
SpiffBronx and ManhattanHaircut
Beard Trim
Hair Color

Unlimited Drinks
Haircut cost averages at $58
George's Barber ShopBrooklynHaircut
Shape Up
Haircut - $20 to $30
Shave - $10 to $20
Shape up - $10
OTIS and FINN Barber ShopBrooklynHaircut
Shape Up
Beard Trim
Haircut - $40
Shape up - $20
Beard Trim - $20
Shave - $40
Woodrow's Barber ShopStaten IslandHaircut
Kid's Cut
Beard Service
Haircut - $25
Kid's Cut - $20
Shave - $25
Beard Service - $20

East Village & Midtown South| The Blind Barber


Stuffed between incredible drinks and professional hairstylists waiting to give you the look of the day, The Blind Barber has somewhat of a dual personality. The mornings are filled with men wanting to get a haircut so that they can come again at night to have a drink or a few. 

During the day, the action takes place in the front store, where local barbers maneuver among spindly medical trays, cutting and trimming spindly East Villagers for a charge that includes a complimentary drink. It’s certainly not a good idea to ask your barber to do a shot with you.

Midtown East | Fleischman Salon


Fleischman’s USP is that they use scissors over comb without using any clippers. Instead of simply following the contour of your head with a machine, this allows us to create and curate styles that work. 

Fleischman Flow is a softer, more natural-looking haircut that grows out beautifully to the point that it can look just as good on day 60 as it did on day 1. Their haircuts show you how to break the loop of believing you need a haircut every few weeks. We don’t cut problems out just for them to reappear later. With our thoughtful approach to hair trimming, we solve hair problems.

Upper East Side & Financial District | Spiff


This modern white-and-chrome men’s salon is a far cry from the old-fashioned barbershop where your grandpa’s beard was shaved. Staff members are attentive and friendly as they lead you to your chair, where an LCD television inset above the mirror provides something to look at other than the sharp blade coming to attack the hair on your face. 

Despite the fact that the majority of Spiff’s customers are midtown businesspeople, they’re more than ready to guide “those who have just hit puberty” through their first “real” shave. You can get a beard trim for $15, an express shave for $35, or a deluxe shave for $50, which includes a hot-towel treatment to soothe your skin, lavender pre-shave oil, a post-shave facial, and hot-oil scalp treatment.

Park Slope & Fort Greene | George’s Barber Shop


Not to be confused with the older Barbershop in the USA situated in Saugus, MA. This Georges’s Barber Shop is housed in three locations in Brooklyn, and it’s the place where you’ll see a fusion of historic barbering traditions and cutting-edge style techniques, resulting in a perfect symbiosis. 

When you come here, you will receive professional assistance, including a full consultation and a variety of barbering services. Regardless of the weather or the time of year, you will get a welcoming environment, hot tea, and delectable coffee. Whether you want to shape up your long beard, update your existing hairstyle, or create an entirely new look, the barbers will do the job as you want and desire. 

Hunters Point & Long Island City | Otis and Finn Barbershop


Situated at 44th Street in Long Island City, Otis & Finn Barbershop offers a traditional and high-quality barbering experience in a relaxed setting. They might even give you a bourbon shot. The location has a unique personality that sets it apart from other places, ergo qualifying it to be included on our list of best barbers in NYC. 

The barbers here possess intrinsic skills and a sense of style that can’t be taught. They claim to track out those barbers and invite them to join our ranks. The Long Island venue that is radically inclusive and friendly to all people. Come as you are, mingle with your neighbors, and resurrect the lost art of dialogue. You might start with a shot of bourbon, and you’ll undoubtedly depart with a look that makes you feel good.

Huguenot | Woodrow’s Barber Shop


Woodrow’s Barber Shop specializes in high-quality haircuts and shaves. They are well-known in the Staten Island area and the team here has got considerable training and has mastered almost every style. The fusion of vintage, classic or modern appearance makes visiting this place for a haircut or a shave a memorable experience, one that will keep calling you back.

It’s a laid-back barbershop with fast-moving queues. You may walk right in and not have to wait long. If you need a haircut quickly, this is the place to go.

Unique & Distinct Barbers in NYC

Barber ShopServicesUnique FactorCost
Freemans Sporting ClubHaircut
Made to Measure Suiting
Made in America Apparels
Depends on the Required Services
Takamichi HairHaircut
Hair Color
Hair Treatment
Bespoke Style Bar
In-Salon Private Services
Haircut - $130 to $250 and Up
Perm - $350 Onwards
Deja Vu Barber ShopHaircut
Beard and Mustache
Consultation for Unique Men's StylingHaircut - $24
Premium Barber ShopHaircut
Beard Trim
Head Barber comes from a Family of Generational BarbersHaircut - $24 to $30
Shave - $28.95
Beard Trim - $14.95
Ray's Barber ShopHaircut
Shape Up
Beard Trim
A Rare Spacious Establishment in NYC Haircut - $30
Shaving - $20
Shape Up - $12
Beard Trim - $15 to $20

Lower East Side | Freemans Sporting Club


Freemans Sporting Club is a one-stop solution for men who want to ace their looks with clothes, glasses, and accessories. That’s right, Freemans isn’t only a retailer of high-quality American-made clothing; they’ll also get you a great cut.

Their teeny-tiny barbershop is nestled away at the back of the business, but it’s well worth the squeeze. Their barbers are quite talented and provide excellent haircuts at a reasonable price. When you’re done with that, head outside to their apothecary-style boutique, where you’ll find unique pomades, colognes, and grooming products to keep you looking your best.

Lower East Side | Takamichi Hair


Takamichi Saeki, a hairstylist, founded his East Village studio in 1999 to provide his loyal clientele with artistic-looking cuts. His comb-wielding crew eventually moved to a 2,000-square-foot room on the second story of a Bowery condo, where hairdressers express their art and fondness for great hair and even greater style.

The cream-colored swivel chairs and a talented team of mane magicians promise to beautify your brow with a trim that takes into account three factors: head shape, hair texture, and lifestyle. To make it a perfect and the best barbershop in NYC, Takamich Hair lets you relax in the tea lounge, where you may read art books and fashion zines while sipping complimentary drinks.

Murray Hill | Deja Vu Barber Shop


Deja Vu Barber Shop holds the opinion that every man has his own distinct personality, and their barbers can assist you in revealing your style and highlighting your best features. As a result, every man who passes through their doors receives grooming services tailored to his distinct and unique demands.

One thing’s for sure; these guys will make you look handsome and well-groomed by emphasizing your unique traits and discovering your particular style, from full shaves to beard trims to haircuts. The barbershop, which is located in the heart of New York, employs specialists that are eager to go above and beyond when it comes to providing excellent grooming services.

Midtown East & Turtled Bay | Premium Barber Shop


Premium Barbershop service is the finest in the city. They have everything you need at this place to get the best results possible with the help of modern technology, experienced barbers, attention to detail, and service expertise. When you walk in, they will put your needs first. 

They give a five-star experience guarantee that comes with a promise to make you look great. Premium Barbershop is the apparent choice if you want to be at the top of your game. From what I have experienced and heard, this is where fashion collides with real life. Uriel, the proprietor of the Premium Barbershop and Head Barber, comes from a barbering family. 

Inwood | Ray’s Barber Shop


Ray’s Barber Shop in Tribeca, NYC, is spacious, and this alone makes it worthy to be added on the list of best barbers in NYC. You will be getting your haircut in a relaxed atmosphere without loud music. 

They do all types of haircuts, including but not limited to fade, flat top, tape-up, and layer cut. Haircuts include a nice hot towel and straight razor neck shave. All Razor Shaves include pre-shave creams, hot lather, steaming warm towels, post-shave products, and face massage. You can also bring your kids here for their first or 100th haircut, and they will walk out with a smiling face every time. 

Other Best Barbers in NYC You Should Know About

Chelsea & Flatiron | Made Man Barbershop


Made Man Barbershop is highly interested in making you appear amazing in a nice way. This is one of those places that manages to maintain an old-school vibe and charm while yet offering dapper cuts.

Their skilled barbers will lead you to a plush, large chair where you may start your path to a stunning look. They’ll always be pleased to recommend a haircut that compliments your looks, and they can even style your beard if you like. When you’re done, you’ll have the appearance of a millionaire without having to steal a million dollars.

Chelsea | Chelsea Barbers


Chelsea Barbers is located in the old London Terrace (23rd Street & 10th Avenue). They have been grooming men’s hair for the past 20 years in simple and sober settings adorned with mustard yellow walls and exposed brass-pipe fittings. Chelsea Barbers has been providing reliable and attractive haircuts to well-groomed professionals and sophisticated gentlemen from all around the city for many years.

This is the perfect spot to get a haircut if you’re seeking a fashionable cut that won’t put you in debt. Since opening its doors in 1997, this barbershop holds historical value and has been a community fixture. The team is made up of professionally qualified and trained Master Barbers with a minimum of 10 years of expertise. Rest assured that you will be in capable hands.

East Village | Neighborhood Barbers


Men looking to get their haircut right visit here for an affordable but not-so-cheap-looking grooming. Neighborhood Barbers is the definition of inexpensive but amazingly well hair care service. If you ever happen to visit the East Village side in NYC, make sure to visit them once. 

The only problem is the long line and a limited space to accommodate everyone. While every place has a few seats, Neighborhood Barbers have even fewer, which means waiting is the only option for you. 

East Village | Big Apple Barbers


A visit to Big Apple Barbers for an hour or two could brighten your day. Almost every grooming treatment here transforms you into a more upbeat person. The grooming shop’s purpose is to make you feel fabulous and help you find happiness and comfort.

You will find a barber in this shop who is competent enough to turn your hair into a work of art. It’s also a place where you may relax and forget about your concerns for a time.

Upper East Side | Level Two Barber Shop


The Level Two Barber Shop provides a comprehensive hair grooming experience that is appropriate for a modern individual. Level Two Barbershop is a contemporary and friendly atmosphere that is both efficiently designed and classically equipped. Modern conveniences, such as online booking, will make it easier to visit here and save you time. 

It’s a barbershop with full service for men, women, and children. Shaves and Haircuts Tape Ups are a great way to get in shape, and the Level Two barbers know how to give great services, making them one of the best barbers in NYC. 

Greenpoint | The Land of Barbers


Just by saying the name, you will get a feeling that this barbershop is here to do serious business and not goof around with your hair. And that is exactly what you’ll see and experience here, especially when it comes to getting a haircut or shave from Enrico Mariotti. 

The Land of Barbers is a full-service barbershop with a team that knows about the most up-to-date procedures and styles. This barbershop has a lot of great historical components and a pretty impressive vibe about it. If you’re looking for something different than your average barbershop, The Land of Barbers might be the place for you.

West Islip | Ace of Cuts


Ace of Cuts takes great care in recreating the ambiance of a traditional barbershop. They provide personalized service that is worthy of forming long-lasting friendships. Known as a cutting-edge, new generation barbershop, determined to upgrade their skills to the next level, these guys know how to honor the value of barbers of the past.

A team of well-trained and courteous barbers will provide you with services tailored to your unique needs and desires in a relaxed and amusing environment. It’s a kid-friendly barbershop, and they are good at dealing with frightened children.

Weehawken, Flatiron & Financial Dist | Fellow Barber


You will be surprised to know that Fellow Barber has shops in eight different locations across New York City, adding to our list of the best barbers in NYC. Fellow Barber is one of those shops that follow a tradition more than a trend. A haircut salon with hopes to preserve and grow the traditional values, Fellow Barber also has a line of products that complement hair grooming. 

Fellow Barber originated at a time getting a beautiful haircut in the city was a genuine challenge. There was a severe scarcity of good, affordable barber shops for men. Fellow Barber is a magical place where you can find haircut happiness. They charge around $50 for a haircut. Not enough to bankrupt you, but enough to cover the cost of the skill you’re acquiring.


Getting a haircut is always nerve-wracking, no matter if you are getting it for the first time or the 1000th time. Only a great barber can make things easier for you and ensure that you have a pleasant experience while another person is shaving off the hair from your neck with a knife that is as sharp as a samurai’s sword. 

This means that you cannot trust everybody and anybody for getting a haircut or a shave. That’s why we have curated a list of the best barbers in NYC who not only know what they are doing but are going the extra mile to spoil you with the best hair grooming services in town. And in some places, you might even enjoy free beer, bourbon, tea, coffee, etc. 

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