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10 Celebrities to Inspire Your Style

It doesn’t matter if you’re a true blue fashion lover or simply a guy looking to upgrade his everyday style, you can certainly benefit from styling tips, especially coming from people who are, basically, paid to be good-looking and well put together 99.9% of the time.

You don’t need a red carpet and you don’t need paparazzi trailing you to justify your need and desire to always look like an A-lister all the time. They say you should dress for the job you want, and if what you want is to have impeccable style, look no further than these modern style icons a.k.a. Hollywood celebrities for wardrobe inspiration and clever styling cues.

Ryan Gosling

Ever since Crazy Stupid Love, Ryan Gosling has been on a pedestal as a paragon of great style. The key to his look? The perfect pair of trousers. Sounds pretty simple and basic, but this menswear staple rounds out and makes your look solid. Investing in well-fitting tailored trousers is something you will never regret. While we don’t all have personal tailors and stylists (like most celebs), it is worth your time and effort to alter the trousers that you buy off-the-rack. The perfect cut, drape, or pleat in your pant can make or break your look. Just look at how the perfect pant elevates Ryan Gosling’s basic black henley, or how a lack side pant piping makes a suit look more modern.


Pharrell Williams

Oftentimes, men overlook accessories. Not Pharrell though. This designer/musician never steps out without a unique accessory. These outfit extras are a great way to really “own” your look and express your style sensibilities. A modern bow tie, chains, hats, sunglasses, and an arm party goes a long way in upping your style status. So consider jewelry, scarves, and head gear on your next shopping trip. If you’re a little trigger shy with bold pieces, try a simple Panama Hat, slim leather bracelets, and oversized bow ties. These are all classic accessories with a bit of a trendy twist.


Justin Timberlake

Mix trendy elements with classic styles, this is JT’s signature look. Instead of a plain oxford button-down, opt for one with a color block. Instead of a plain black suit, opt for a suit with a modern metallic sheen and matching metallic gunmetal gray tie. Instead of a plain white shirt, try a trendy gingham top to pair with your cardigan and khakis. You get the drift. Little tweaks on the classics and can go a long way as evidenced by Justin Timberlake’s stellar style. Take that tip and run with it next time you’re at the men’s department.


Idris Elba

Embrace color in unexpected ways just like Idris Elba. Everybody and their brother has those now ubiquitous wine red chinos. Why not try a powder blue double-breasted overcoat? Or even some bright footwear to liven things up. Don’t fall in the neutral colored rut. Monochromatic and minimalist fashion is having a moment, but there is nothing like color to perk up your wardrobe. Choose more jewel-toned colors like Idris, and don’t be afraid to pick major pieces in a beautiful hue.


Adam Levine

Ah, the white T-shirt. Is there a more compelling argument for it than Adam Levine’s style? Showing you the ultimate modern rock star style, Adam Levine rocks a white tee on the reg. Worn on its own and frayed just so, it can make such a bold yet casual statement about your confident style. You can also layer it underneath casual pieces like a denim or leather jacket. You may think that a plain white tee isn’t worthy, but a casual and comfy tee in a quality fabric is worth investing in. Doesn’t have to be Wang or Balmain, check out shops like Uniqlo or Ralph Lauren for quality basics like the white tee.


Jason Sudeikis

There’s no shame in the sneaker game. Jason Sudeikis’ style as of late is showing us exactly that. You can most definitely elevate your sneakers from high street to high style. Take a cue from this funnyman/burgeoning style icon and closely coordinate the rest of your outfit to your sneaker colors. Yes, it might be just a tad matchy matchy, but you’re too busy rocking your sneaks to care. It’s dad style taken up a notch. Just see to it that your look is tailored so that it doesn’t look slovenly when paired with your sneaks.



Channel the power that Jay-Z exudes in his style. It’s all about giving a nod to old school styles while adding rich texture to your ensemble. Think wide lapels, horn rimmed glasses, oversized turtlenecks, these pieces convey knowledge of vintage fashion. As for texture, reach for wool, stonewash denim, and velvet for evening, just like Jay-Z. Other textures you can experiment with are: corduroy, leather, distressed khaki, or seersucker. Giving texture and combining it with nostalgic vintage detailing take your look into contemporary.


Scott Disick

Lord Disick is famously know for his over-the-top style, but it’s his quiet style moments that caught my eye. Summer doesn’t mean you have to let go of more tailored styles. Pull off a Scott Disick by selecting suit styles and shirts in more lightweight fabrics. Leave a couple of buttons up top unbuttoned on your shirt, and never button your blazer all the way through, and lastly, always keep a pair of sunglasses handy for the perfect Hamptons look. The look is polished yet still laid-back. It’s all in details.


David Beckham

Menswear is, more often than not, all about neutrals. To keep your look from being boring and to pull you out of your style rut, layer neutrals just like David Beckham. A hunter green shirt underneath a navy blue sport coat, a cream cardigan with gray jeans; neutrals don’t always have to be black and white. Open your eyes and your closet to understated colors that are practically neutral.


Ryan Reynolds

Learn the 3-piece rule from Ryan Reynolds. When you’re dressing up in the morning, always jazz up your look with a 3rd piece. Not counting your shoes, let the 3rd piece you select to go with your top and bottom be your statement piece. A shirt and jeans seems so drab, but add in a bomber jacket, hat, or scarf, and automatically your outfit is upgraded. The 3rd piece is up to you, but this is an invaluable style tip to apply everyday. Shirt, jeans, plus a 3rd item. Live it and love it.


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