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Fly First Class to Honeymoon in Tokyo for 80k Points

Today we are helping book a First Class Honeymoon to Tokyo for 80k points.Wei and I have famously stated how much we love Japan and it is one of the few other places in the world we could live. At the very least, it should earn a place on any travel must-see list.

Read more to learn how you can book your flight to TYO from SEA  for just 80k points.

If you want to take a flight with points, fill out our Free Dream Trip: Free Credit Card Consultation, and you will see your report produced just like this one.

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My and my future wife are looking to go to Japan for our honey moon. Our wedding is August 22 2020 so we are looking to go right away but we are flexible. I did just get my 60k from my chase ordered card and I’m still earning some. I would love to experience the first class once maybe on the way.
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First Class Honeymoon to Tokyo Flights from SEA

We began our search, with outgoing First Class flights to Tokyo. We found a number of different flights.

This dream trip will definitely benefit by redeeming points as the flight priced up at over $9,500 for one way. We are highlighting the United flights we found that offered both ways a return of $0.14 per point on reward flights making it the best value across the board.

Flights to TYO from SEA on American for 200k Points

We began our search with American Airlines. At $6,107 this flight for 200k points is giving you $0.03 per point. The volume of points needed to redeem this flight is exceedingly high and points rate low, so we continued our search.

Flights from SEA to TYO on Air France for 106k Points

Next we searched Air France with a $8,292 price tag this 106k point flight is giving you $0.078 which is substantially higher per point than American. However, we searched again to get the points down.

Book First Class Honeymoon to Tokyo for 80k Points on United

When we searched United Airlines we found a nonstop flight in Business Class for only 80k points. Pricing up at $10,809 this flight is giving you $0.14 per point which is a phenomenal rate per point. This option is by far, the best on the menu.

To redeem this flight for a First Class honeymoon to Japan for 80k points,  easily book through your Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

Flights from Tokyo Honeymoon to Seattle

Booking the return trip from Tokyo to Seattle, we found a number of flights. We are highlighting the flight for 35k points at the same stellar $0.14 per point.

43.5k Point Flights from TYO to SEA on Air France

For an economy return on Air France a $1,118 ticket for 43.5k points at a rate of $0.026 per point is better than some alternatives but we searched again for a cheaper solution.

Fly from Tokyo to SEA for 35k Points on United

We searched United and found a $4,891 flight going for only 35k points, at a rate of $0.14 per point is your best value in a nonstop flight.

To redeem this flight you can book through your Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

How to Get 100k United Points

Based on the current cards you have, our recommendation is to get the Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card, which has an 100k sign up bonus, after you spend $15k in the first 3 months, easily enough points for a First Class flight to Tokyo or two Economy Returns with 10k points to spare. Easily transfer your points through Chase Ultimate Rewards to complete your booking.

We offer this service for free, so please sign up using our credit card link to support more free consultations.

Right now we’re offering FREE Credit Card Consultations, so fill this out and let us know how we can help you plan your Dream Trip.

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