Today we are helping a couple book their dream trip and fly to magnificent Santorini, Greece for just 30k points. This volcanic paradise offers a range of memorable activities. Black sand beaches grace the Aegean seaside while the rugged cliffs rise to Pyrgos village with Cycladic architecture and an array of cafes. Mount Profitis Ilias boasts 360 views of Greece as well as the 1711 monastery which houses a museum displaying rare Byzantine art, coin, and book collections. The Akrotiri Archaeological site provides an opportunity to explore an ancient Minoan settlement. Head to the center of the island to explore Santorini’s ancient vineyards. Whether you are seeking a five-star or modest stay, full of activities or relaxing beachside, Santorini is a dream trip.

Read on to discover how you can fly to Santorini, Greece for 30k points.

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Dream trip: Santorini, Greece!
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Cheap Flights to Santorini

There is a limited number of flights to Santorini. After a search of multiple airlines, we not only found available flights, they are also at a good value. We are highlighting this United Airlines flight for 30k points giving you $0.022 per point.


Fly to Santorini for 30k on United

Upon searching United Airlines, we discovered a $6,655 flight. Converted to points, this dream trip is a mere 30k points each way with a modest $35 fee. This option is giving you $0.22 per point.


How to Get 70k Points to Use on United

Based on the current cards you have, our recommendation is to sign up for the United Explorer card, to get 60k point sign up bonus after you spend $3,000 within the first 3 months plus 10k if you spend $6,000 within 6 months, towards your Round trip flight to Santorini.

To redeem this flight, simply log in to your Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

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