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Fly First Class to Singapore on 145k Points

Today we are helping a couple get on their way to a dream trip and fly First Class to Singapore on 145k points with a two night stopover in another country. We love Singapore for all of its wonder and beauty, especially the Botanic Garden which has the honor of being the world’s only garden listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After sightseeing all day we enjoyed a Singapore Sling and luxurious spa treatments at Raffles. Its blend of modern comfort and colonial beauty placed this trip over the top. Tokyo is a natural stopover along the way as flights to Singapore routinely stop there, not to mention that it is one of our favorite cities.

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Read on to discover how to fly First Class to Singapore on 145k points.

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Not sure if it’s too late but I just got approved with chase reserve. I plan to go to Singapore. It would be just me and me girlfriend. Also we are planning to visit another country around Singapore. Any suggestion. We were thinking of going to Singapore for 4 nights and 2 nights for another country
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Cheap Flights to Singapore

We found numerous flights to Singapore in the $1,000 range. Flying out of SAN restricted the volume of flights and deals available so we expanded our search to include LAX which is Read on to explore the options and airlines.

Fly First Class to Singapore on 307.5k Points with KAL

We searched Korean Airlines with a stopover in beautiful Seoul, South Korea. Although we were able to find First Class availability, this $18,225 flight going for 307.5k points is cost prohibitive even though they are giving you $0.059 per point.

Fly First Class to Singapore on 190k Points with Singapore Air

We searched with Singapore Air, the flag carrier of Singapore. Although there are a number of flights to Singapore with stopovers in additional countries, booking them with points is limited due to demand and the fact that award flights are released progressively and in limited supply. Given these issues, we expanded our search of departure airports from SAN to include LAX which is practically around the corner. We found a $4,000 flight for 190k points giving you $0.021 per point.

Fly First Class to Singapore for 144.5k Points on ANA

We searched ANA Air for its exceptional value and service. Given these facts, it is a wildly popular airline and award flights are most often waitlisted. We searched multiple weeks to find availability from LAX to Singapore with a stopover in a second country.

We kept searching and in July were able to find seats opened up in Premium Economy for the first leg, Business for the second leg, and First Class on the return flight. For this $14,000 flight, a 144.5k point reward booking gives you $0.097 per point.

Fly First Class to Singapore and Tokyo on 145k Points on United

We searched United for First Class travel to Singapore with a 2 nights in Tokyo and found that you can get to Tokyo First Class on 175k points and then Economy from Tokyo to Singapore for 4 nights at 20k points and Singapore back to San Diego at 40k points.

Although flying from Tokyo to Singapore is still technically the outbound flight, there were no seats available in First Class.

In total, this trip will set you back 235k points with a nominal fee which is pretty steep. We searched this trip by flying to Singapore first then Tokyo but the trip came out to even more.

We searched again. This time we looked at flying out in Economy and flying home in First Class. This was a superior option. First of all, it cost a lot less. Second, Singapore to San Diego is the longest segment of the trip making it the best value for your First Class points. Planning your trip using this route and class selection, you use 145k points saving you a whopping 90k points and a fistful of dollars in fees…and why not end your trip on a high note.

Segment 2

Segment 3

To redeem this flight, transfer your points through Chase Ultimate Rewards portal to book United.

How to Get 60k United Points

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You can easily transfer your new Chase Sapphire points through Chase Ultimate Rewards to redeem this flight.

How to Get 60k More Points

Based on the current cards you have, our recommendation is to get The Platinum Card from American Express, which offers a 60k welcome bonus after spending $5,000 within the first 3 months. See if you’re able to get a 100k welcome bonus through CardMatch for use with your round-trip Business Class flight to Singapore. Transfer your points to a Star Alliance partner airline then use that airline’s points to complete your booking. This gives you a better conversion ratio than booking direct through Amex membership rewards.

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