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Fly Business Class to China for 150k Points

Today’s couple is planning to fly Business Class to China on 150k points each. Our challenge is to find round trip tickets in Suites class for under 300k points. Destination: Guangzhou, China or similar. We loving travelling to Asia for its rich culture, blend of history and ultra-modern technology, and of course, the amazing cuisine.

Read more to learn how you can fly Business Class to China for 150k points.

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I travel to Guangzhou(CAN), China regularly for work and would love to fly business class there one day.

Dream trip for me would be to fly a Suites class somewhere with my fiance. I am currently accumulating Chase UR points to do this one day.

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Cheap Flights to Guangzhou

We searched flights to Guangzhou and found a number of flights to choose from. Business class rings up in the area of $4,000 per round trip ticket.

Fly Business to Guangzhou for 290k Points on Emirates

We began our search with Emirates for their superior service. A $6,200 flight can be had for 290k points and fees of $1,744 giving you $0.021 per point. Although the service is great, this is an awful lot of points and very high fees.

Fly Business for 178k Points on Singapore

Next we searched Singapore Airlines to Guangzhou. Singapore Airlines is the much touted airline of the moment. We found a $4,800 flight for 178k points at a per point rate of $0.027.

Although this flight did not offer the cheapest points price, it does have several key advantages. Firstly, it is traveling to the preferred destination of Guangzhou. Secondly, it is on Singapore Airlines which we love flying. Thirdly, it offers a free stopover and the selection list has some exceptional destinations from which to choose. In effect, this packs two dream trips into one tidy ticket package.

To redeem this flight, you can easily transfer your points through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. Signing up for the United Explorer Business card will give you 50k bonus points to put you over the top to redeem this award.

Fly Business to Beijing on Etihad for 1,000k Points

The popularity of Guangzhou as a destination means that most flights are fully booked or waitlisted. On this basis, we decided to expand our search to see if we could find any other Asian destinations for fewer points. Beginning with Etihad Airways, we searched Beijing which is a rival destination to Guangzhou for its exceptional range of activities and sights including the Great Wall of China. Our search netted a $9,000 flight for a million points which is ludicrous.

Fly Business to Peking for 240k Points on Virgin

Next we searched Virgin Atlantic and found a round trip flight to Peking for 240k points. This points price is higher than the preferred destination of Guangzhou, and although Peking is fabulous and Virgin offers tremendous service, we continued looking.

Fly Business to Hong Kong for 150k Points on Cathay

We widened the circle again to include Hong Kong as a destination and branched out with Cathay Pacific, yet another Suites airline with excellent service. Here, we found an $8,200 Business Class trip for just 150k points return giving you $0.055 per point. This option is a solid value.

To redeem this flight, use the Chase Ultimate Rewards OneWorld Alliance partners to book your Cathay Pacific seats.

How to Get an Extra 60k United Points

Based on the current cards you have, our recommendation is to get the United Business card which has 60,000 bonus miles when you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months of account opening, easily enough points for your round trip flights to Guangzhou. Easily transfer your points through Chase Ultimate Rewards to numerous airlines at a 1:1 ratio to complete your booking.

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