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Known for her iconic role in the series “Nikita,” Sarah Allen is your favorite actress. She strives to do her best on each roles she’s given.

Sarah Allen Biography

Sarah Allen is gaining the world’s attention but sadly only little is known about her background as well as her childhood. However, she was in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada in 1980. She enrolled the Youth Theatre program at Capitol Theatre and there, her love for acting bloomed.


While in the theatre program, she was able to showcase her skills and performed in several popular shows including “Trixie True,” “Teen Detective” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”


Despite slowly becoming a popular and recurring television actress, she continued to star in local shows such as Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale,” “Metropolis Noir,” “Not Quite the Same” and “Powers and Gloria.”


After graduating highschool, she applied for the acting program at the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal. It took her two tries until she got accepted. From there, she improved her acting skills where she easily landed major roles in TV series just right after graduating in 2002. Several TV movies later, she was cast in a small role in her first feature film “Secret Window” in 2004.


Sarah has been an actress for more than a decade now and had more than 30 televisions shows and acting credits but her most iconic role yet was as Vampire Rebecca Flynt from the SyFy channel series “Being Human.” Despite doing only 10 episodes, it was still on her best roles to date. She mentioned once that having to drink fake blood on Being Human was like “drinking a tube of toothpaste”

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