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Adrianne Ho is a Canadian fashion model, who was featured in several magazine covers  and fashion editorials and graced numerous beauty campaigns including  L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics and Maybelline. She is a menswear muse for Levi’s Stussy, Nike and others. She Is also the founder of the online store, Sweat The Style, balancing fitness and style. She is called an “it-girl” when it comes to streetwear and lifestyle. She is currently living in New York.

Adrianne Ho Biography

Adrianne Ho is a Canadian- born model, with a Chinese – French ancestry, she is exposed to wide range of culture, food and experiences and influenced her a lot while growing up and made her attracted to new, different and exciting things.

She has develop an active lifestyle culture and brand that is devoted to fashionable fitness, natural beauty and real food. A virtual space where others can learn about healthier alternatives from traditional diet, beauty products and workout regimens. Making health and fitness stylish and fun.

As for her style, it came from her life. As she’s always on the go, running to castings, gym, she needs to be comfortable. If she’s not comfortable, then she won’t function. She only wear high heels when getting paid.

Ho stays in shape by participating in kickboxing. She hates the treadmill and said that it’s too boring, she would rather run in the dirty New York street rather than a serene beach as it is more active. There are things to jump, see and doge over.

She would want to date someone who is active, it’s not important if you’re not athletic.

She is currently residing in New York. She said it is an advantage for her when booking jobs since its close to brands, clients and magazine and it also can also provide her loads of new opportunities.

As modeling work includes travelling, she is really fond of experiencing new cultures, climates and lifestyle. Learning Muay Thai in Bangkok, running at the Eiffel Tower in Paris and having reflexology in Hong Kong gives her more room to gain and learn. She said that the hard part on travelling is the travelling itself. Overnight flights and early call times, staying hydrated, enough sleep and making time to exercise is making it difficult.

Ho got collaboration request from street wear brand to collaborate with Sweat the Style but she love to collaborate it with high fashion. She love mixing Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang and A.P.C with Supreme, Levi’s and Nike. The combination of high fashion with street wear is a style that evolved living actively in New York City.

She got interested in quality food and fitness when she started modeling, making healthier choices. She was fascinated on her daily routine affected how she felt. Modeling, in her perspective, was a sport by maintaining an athletic and balanced diet. She continuous to work with brands and companies that is related to health, beauty, well-being, fashion and fitness.

Her older sister, Sandrine Holt – model and actress, has been giving her all out support and giving great advice and honest feedback. Her parents were concerned at first as the industry involves pressure. After her parents saw her being focused, secure and positive, they stop worrying and continue to support her.

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