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Ming Zhao was born in Human, China. Her family migrated to the America when she was 11  and settled in New York City. When she was high school, she attended Fashion Industries and then during college she got a BA in Fashion Design at Fashion Institute of Technology. She began modeling after college, though she had entered some modeling and  joined design contests back in high school, and she had been in beauty pageants–she won “Miss Congeniality” in the “Miss Chinese USA” pageant and won the “Best Coordination Award” in the “China Cup” international fashion design competition.

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Ming was born in the Hunan province of China where she spent most of her early childhood. Then shortly after her 11th birthday her parents immigrated to the U.S. and made New York City their new home. Ming enjoyed growing up in the Big Apple and quickly became interested in fashion. She attended the High School of Fashion Industries and then went on to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to receive her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design. After graduating, she began modeling and was well received in a short period of time. When asked to comment on her success, Ming replied “I love modeling, but I will always remain a designer at heart”. Then with a big smile, she continued “One day I’m going to design my own fashion label – even if I’m going to be my only customer!”

Although Ming began modeling in her early 20’s, she was not new to being in the spot light. Throughout high school and college Ming competed in and won many contests ranging from beauty pageants to international design competitions. Some of them included being crowned Miss Asian American East, awarded Miss Congeniality in Miss Chinese USA, and winning the “Best Coordination Award” in “The China Cup”, an international fashion design competition.

In her spare time Ming enjoys drawing, painting, singing, dancing, listening to music, and her favorite – eating…! She loves food with a passion. With New York being such a melting pot of cultures, Ming has been able to try all different types of cuisines; Vietnamese being at the top of her list! Whenever she hears people say “models don’t eat” she always laughs and replies, “You mustn’t have seen ME eat yet!”

In 2008, Ming auditioned for a principal role in the popular TV series”30 Rock” and landed it. After working on the show and getting a taste of acting, she absolutely loved it. “Acting definitely requires more work and effort compared to modeling. Despite how small or big your roles are, the fulfillment you feel afterwards definitely makes it worthwhile”. More recently, Ming can be seen in the 2011 Worldwide L’Oreal Youth Code Campaign. ”It’s actually pretty cool to see yourself on TV everywhere you go”, she replies.

She had other recurring roles several television shows such as Untitled Jersey City Project (2011) as Xia-xia Wi. She got the role as Cecily in Days of Our Lives (2013).

She was also in the TV series “The Bold and the Beautiful (2013) as a Forrester Model. She got her big break in the feature comedy Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014) as Ying Li.

She will come out on a post-production movie as a Chinese waitress in “Hail, Caesar!” to be released in 2016.

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