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Known as Bono’s daughter, Eve Hewson is ready to make a name for herself and she did when she acted against Sean Penn in the 2011 film “This Must Be The Place.

Eve Hewson Biography

Eve Hewson or with her full name, “Eve Sunny Day Hewson,” is born in a rich family however, it doesn’t mean she’s a princess. She doesn’t get any money and has to learn how to work hard to earn. “It would be impossible for any of us to just sit back, relax and be rich. That’s not who we are.” she said in an interview.


She first graduated in St Andrew’s College in Dublin then enrolled in an acting program offered by New York University. Despite her parents having multi-million-dollar penthouse in Manhattan, she wasn’t allowed to indulge in it so she shared apartmnet with another student.


The actual reason she is now actress is that her mother wished that none of her kids will be in the spotlight. Rebel as she is, she tried acting which she quite a talent with.


Eve made her acting debut in the 2005 short film “Lost and Found.” Her feature debut came in the 2008 film “The 27 Club.”


A bit of trivia: she is allergic to gluten. Eve Hewson currently resides in New York City.

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