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Elizabeth Egan Gillies conceived July 26, 1993, in Haworth, New Jersey. In some cases known as Liz Gillies is an American performing artist and artist.

Elizabeth Egan Gillies is an American Actress and vocalist. She is a prevalent face and has shown up in various advertisements and in addition TV programs. She was 15 when she made her Broadway make a big appearance in a melodic called 13 where she played the character, Lucy. At 17 years old, she got her first critical part in the show “Successful” in which she played the character ‘Jade West’ that launch her to distinction. She right now assumes the lead part in FX channel’s comic drama demonstrate ‘Sex&Drugs&Rocknroll’. Other than this, has assumed repeating parts in various TV arrangement, for example, The Black Donnellys (2007) and most as of late, the Winx Club (2004) which is an enlivened arrangement, in which she loans her voice to the character “Daphne”. She has been a piece of TV programs, for example, White Collar (2009) and Big Time Rush (2009). She has additionally been a piece of movies, for example, The Clique (2008) and Harold (2008). Other than being a performer, she is known far and wide for her stunning music. She began playing the piano truly at an early stage and has discharged covers on truly popular melodies, for example, “Envious Guy” by John Lennon, Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones, “Quick Car” by Tracy Chapman and “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens.

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