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WEEPA! Cat The Great is your sexiest and fun alpha mom of the Taz’s Angels. Taz’s Angels is one of the most popular girl group online.

Catherine Doors Biography

Cat The Great doesn’t have her own personal social media except her Instagram account with Taz’s Angels. They are a set of sexy hot Miami models on Instagram. They continuously entertain each of their fans online. So, if you want more of her, you should go check out her Instagram account.


Cat The Great is the first member of Taz’s Angels. Taz (the owner of Angel’s House) personally recruited her during her time in Tampa, FL where she was working with a Neiman Marcus.


She is now responsible for recruiting new members and is considered the leader of the group.


Anyone can hire and recruit them for modeling or club appearances.


Cat the Great has voluptuous body given by her Dominican traits. Her body is well toned and her skin color is just lovely.


She is currently a model for Caviar Blaque clothing line.


“Weepa!” is her catchphrase at Taz’s Angels.

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