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Seth Rogen Net Worth

What Is Seth Rogen Worth?

Seth Rogen's Net Worth is $45 million


Executive Judd Apatow perceived the kid’s aptitudes and cast him in the TV comedy drama show ‘Oddities and Geeks’ which debuted in 1999. Seth played Ken in the show. The arrangement was brief however turned into a clique exemplary.

He was offered a section in Apatow’s next network show, “Undeclared” which was about a gathering of school green beans at a college. Seth likewise filled in as an author on the show. This show too was fleeting.


Proceeding onward to film parts, he played Ricky in the 2001 motion picture ‘Donnie Darko’ which was an extraordinary thriller. The film got ideal audits and was a film industry hit.

He played one of the companions of the primary character in the lighthearted comedy ‘The 40-Year Old Virgin’ (2005) which is about a moderately aged man edgy to lose his virginity. The film was a major hit.


In ‘Pregnant’ in 2007, he played Ben Stone, a bum who has a one-night remain with an effective working lady which brings about a pregnancy. The film was a major hit in the cinematic world.

He co-composed and co-created the comic drama film “Superbad” in 2007. The film depended on a content Seth had composed as a young person alongside his companion Evan Goldberg. The film was abundantly adored by the watchers for its senseless comic drama.

He played Dale Denton, a medication someone who is addicted to the 2008 comic drama ‘Pineapple Express’ which he had co-composed with Evan Goldberg. The term ‘Pineapple Express’ alludes to an uncommon strain of cannabis in the film. The motion picture additionally had James Franco and got great surveys.

Proceeding with his expert connection with Apatow, Seth featured alongside Adam Sandler and Leslie Mann in the 2009 parody show film, ‘Amusing People’. The film got positive surveys and Seth’s execution was particularly valued.

Staying aware of his inclination for playing bums, he depicted a flippant bum child of a widower in the 2011 activity parody ‘The Green Hornet’. The film got negative audits, however, was a business achievement in any case.

He handed chief over 2013 as he co-coordinated the calamity drama, ‘This is the End’ with long-term companion Evan Goldberg. The film had an outfit cast including Seth, James Franco, Jonah Hill and Emma Watson. It was both a basic and business achievement.


In 2014, he acted in the Comedy “Neighbors” coordinated by Nicholas Stoller in which he plays a wedded man with a child girl whose life flips around when some unusual neighbors move in nearby. The film is considered as a part of Seth’s greatest hits.

Seth Rogen Biography

Seth Aaron Rogen conceived April 15, 1982, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a Canadian-American performing artist, entertainer, author, maker, and executive.

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