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David Blaine Net Worth

What Is David Blaine Worth?

David Blaine's Net Worth is $800 million


He was soon welcomed for a meeting and his first TV unique, ‘David Blaine: Street Magic’ was publicized on NBC on May 19, 1997. It was exceptionally effective and was trailed by ‘David Blaine: Magic Man’ after two years.

For his shows, he traversed the nation and performed traps in the roads before genuine, clueless individuals. He performed such traps in Atlantic City, Compton, Dallas, the Mojave Desert, New York City, and San Francisco, and was soon a national VIP.


He played out his first perseverance stunt in 1999, by submerging himself in a 3-ton water-filled tank for seven days. He touched new statures of acclaim taking after this trap as he had beaten his saint, Harry Houdini, who had arranged a comparative accomplishment yet kicked the bucket in 1926 preceding he could perform it.


In 2000 he played out a trick called “Solidified in Time” in which he was solidified into a piece of ice for 63 hours, 42 minutes and 15 seconds. After three years, on September 5, 2003, he started his 44-day continuance stunt fixed inside a straightforward Plexiglas case suspended 9 meters (30 ft) noticeable all around besides Potters Fields Park on the south bank of the River Thames. He rose up out of the case on October 19, mumbling “I adore all of you!”


Throughout the years his traps turned out to be progressively risky and all the more energising to watch. On May 17, 2006, the illusionist was submerged in a 8 feet breadth, a water-filled circle before the Lincoln Center in New York City for seven days and seven evenings. Air and nourishment were given to him through tubes. Toward the finish of the week, Blaine endeavored to free himself from binds and chains put on him subsequent to leaving the circle, however, was not able to do as such, and must be aided by bolster jumpers.

Throughout the following couple of years he performed such unsafe shows like ‘Jump of Death’ (2008) and ‘Charged: One Million Volts Always On’ (2012), the last of which was a 72-hour continuance stunt performed on a 22-foot high column on Pier 54 in New York City. He neither ate sustenance nor rested for the total of the trick.

In 2013, he featured in an hour and a half ABC TV exceptional, ‘David Blaine: Real or Magic’ where he performed enchantment traps for his most loved VIPs and open figures including Woody Allen, Robert De Niro, George W. Shrubbery, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Harrison Ford, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, and Ricky Gervais.

David Blaine Biography

David Blaine conceived David Blaine White; April 4, 1973, in Brooklyn, New York. He is an American mystical performer and illusionist, considered as a real part of the most mainstream conjurers in present day times.

David Blaine began as a road entertainer and could increase significant ubiquity because of his instinctive traps and magnetic identity. His prosperity as a road mystical performer provoked him to record a tape of his execution which he sent to NBC.

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