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Carlos Slim Net Worth

What Is Carlos Slim Worth?

Carlos Slim's Net Worth is $75.5 billion


Working from the solid business establishment worked by his dad, Slim started his own particular profession, as a dealer, in Mexico and soon went ahead to begin his own particular financier that put resources into individual organizations. By 1965, his capital had developed sufficiently enormous, that he was consolidating different organizations or getting them by and large.

By 1966, he was at that point worth an expected US$40 million and developing. In spite of the fact that his initial profession saw him putting resources into a wide range of individual organizations, his primary concentration was development, mining, and land, and he kept on gaining organizations in those fields.


Amid the 1970s he kept developing his realm by setting up and buying organizations in different ventures. By 1980, he had bound together his different advantages into the parent organization ‘Grupo Galas’, which brought the greater part of his possessions together.


In 1982, the falling costs of oil created the for the most part oil-based economy of Mexico to endure and crumple, as banks progressed toward becoming nationalized and the estimation of the Mexican money Peso plunged. Amid the following couple of years of financial downturn, Slim expanded his securing endeavors and increased vast partakes in the Mexican branches of worldwide organizations, incorporating a half partake in ‘The Hershey Company’.

In 1990, his combination ‘Grupo Carso’ turned into an open organization around the world. This is additionally the year that he started expanding his impact into phone interchanges, working with ‘France Télécom’ and the ‘Southwestern Bell Corporation’, to purchase the telephone organization “Telmex” from the Mexican government. This was the begin of what might end in a practically entire takeover of the country’s landline and in the long run cell phone benefit.

Following quite a while of buying the Mexican branches of numerous global organizations, Slim’s interests started to reach past Latin America. He built up a US branch of his telephone organization ‘Telmex’ and furthermore acquired a stake in ‘Tracfone’, a US based versatile organization. He likewise experienced heart surgery and started to move in an opposite direction from the everyday workings of his business, passing the reins to youngsters and relatives.


Amid the 2000s, he kept on building his realm in the US and Latin America, purchasing and offering organizations and expanding his stakes in his long standing cell phone and tobacco interests. He put resources into numerous various organizations amid this time including ‘The New York Times Company’, ‘Saks Fifth Avenue’ and the carrier ‘Volaris’.

On April 23, 2014, Slim picked up control of his first fruitful European obtaining, ‘Telekom Austria’. The organization has effectively settled portable administrations in seven European nations and Slim perspectives it as an amazing open door, to venture into the Central and Eastern European markets.


As of January 15, 2015, he turned into the biggest individual shareholder in ‘The New York Times Company’, with a holding of 16.8%. Thin capitalized on advances given to the organization, when it was fumbling toward the start of the US retreat, to procure these shares.

Carlos Slim Biography

Carlos Slim Helú was conceived on January 28, 1940, in Mexico City, Mexico, to guardians of Lebanese plunge. He was one of six kids, and his dad was a fruitful dry merchandise entrepreneur.

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