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The Strange Story of How to Rack Up $50,000 in Uber Credits and Do It For Any Referral Program

We are going to copy this story here and use it as a framework to tell our readers the step by step instructions to master an affiliate marketing plan that will get you $50k in Instacart credits or anything they use regularly, list out the top apps and links to their affiliate programs and basically frame it as: if you didn’t get paid but got paid in product which are the best companies to become an affiliate for to have a free life, here is the motivation story:

Life-Hack: How to Rack Up $50,000 in Uber Credits and Do It For Any Referral Program

Before your next ride: Check this list of Uber Promo Codes for Existing Riders to see if you’re eligible.

Have you ever dreamed of mastering a referral program to rack up credits? Here’s a motivating story about how one man manipulated Uber’s promo-code system to accumulate an equivalent of $50,000 in Uber credits. This article will guide you through a similar approach to using popular referral programs so you can live a near cost-free life.

## Breaking Down Blake Jareds’ Method 🤯💰

Headlines were made when Blake Jareds managed to stack up a whopping $50,000 worth of Uber credits!

Here’s a simplified breakdown of how he did it:

– New code: He customized his Uber promo code to “uber$20FreeRide.”
– Mass promotion: Jareds then messaged 700 contacts via MailChimp, achieving an impressive 40% open rate and 5% click rate.
– Strategic placement: He shared his code on Reddit’s free deals subreddit, which promptly escalated its visibility.
– SEO Optimisation: The unique promo code boosted his referral link’s search engine ranking. He estimates 90% of 2000+ sign-ups were acquired through optimized search results (source: WikiReader).

## Using This Framework – The Step-by-Step Masterplan 🚀📝

Now, let’s take inspiration from Jareds’ technique and apply it to become an ace affiliate marketer for any company you regularly use:

1. **Choose your company:** Whether it’s UberEats, Instacart, or Amazon, choose a referral program from a company you spend with often.
2. **Create a unique code:** Next, customize your code associated uniquely with your account.
3. **Promote, promote, promote:** Use platforms like MailChimp to email your contacts about the deal. Ensure to use an attractive subject line for higher opening rates. Here are links to popular apps’ affiliate programs: UberEats, Instacart, Amazon.
4. **Leverage social media:** Share your referral code on social media platforms, internet forums, or discussion groups related to discounts and deals.
5. **Search engine optimization:** Use SEO practices to optimize your referral link’s visibility on search engines.
6. **Monitor results:** Finally, keep an eye on your credit accrual and enjoy a cost-effective life.

With the goal of getting paid in products rather than direct payments, these programs can make your life significantly more cost-efficient. Remember, when done ethically, referral programs can enrich your user experience and provide benefits for all users involved! So give this model a spin and watch your emails for the rolling credits!

#ReferralPrograms #Freebies #AffiliateMarketing #LifeHacks #Storyspotlight If you want to replicate these results, there are specific strategies you must consider before diving into any company’s referral program.

## Keep It Ethical and Sustainable 🎯🌱

It’s important to note that exploiting referral programs not only violates the terms of service but it may also harm the companies offering these programs and disrupt their community integrity. Always remember to keep your strategies ethical.

## Choose Your Platform Wisely 👀🔍

Different social platforms offer unique behavioral patterns and user demographics. Pinterest might be suitable for an Etsy referral code, while LinkedIn could be optimal for software services with referral programs such as Slack, Asana, or Dropbox.

## Keep an Eye on Limits and Be Creative ✅🎨

Most referral programs have certain limits on them and with good reason. But this doesn’t mean you can’t keep finding new ways to promote your referral code! Get creative and find legitimate avenues to maximize the use of your codes.

## Think Long-Term! 🕓💰

As the story of Blake Jareds teaches us, while short-term rewards can be beneficial, it’s crucial to consider the long-term consequences. Avoid tactics that could lead to penalties or even being banned from platforms you love.

Opting for a referral program of a service or product you use regularly can drastically cut down your own expenses. Therefore, the choices of which companies to become affiliates for depends primarily on your personal or your business needs.

The future holds even more promise with the rise of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. Imagine earning Bitcoin or other crypto just by referring friends to use an app! With the right approach and a solid ethical framework, this side of the affiliate marketing world provides potential for everyone to enjoy their favourite services while living a virtually cost-free life.

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