Save Your Lips from Winter: LAB SERIES PRO LS Lip Tech



While winter gives us the option of coats and boots, which we’re huge fans of, it doesn’t always treat our skin the way we wish it would.  The cold wind, the dry air, the chapped lips, winter can be a fickle bitch.  Thankfully, we’re in a word of quick and amazing remedies to fix any and all problems.  Our winter solution to lips like sandpaper: LAB Series Pro LS Lip Tech.

We know some men tend to stay away from lip balm and opt for the dry flakiness instead just so their lips won’t look too shiny for a second.  Well, you men can now sit back and enjoy the hydrated lips the rest of us enjoy, because this lip balm is made specifically for men.  Let me reiterate that for you, this is in no way, shape, or form a lip gloss.  This is not for your girlfriend, this is for you, and it works wonders.

So, say goodbye to the lip crusted days of winter and hello to moisturized lips that your lady friend(s) want you to have.  Get yours here, and thank us for the advice later.

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