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How to Dress Like Cary Grant: Men’s Classic Style Guide

Cary Grant is the epitome of class and sophistication. He is one of he most best dressed personality of all times. he’s not just making names in his box office movies but also in his fashion.

One thing that is totally admirable with Mr. Grant is that he  is comfortable in any outfit he wore. As for the legend himself, simplicity is the essence of good taste.

Back in the days Mr. Grant was seen wearing some pieces from Aquascutum and Abercrombie & Fitch.

So, if you want to look sophisticated like Cary Grant and turn your inexpensive clothing to a glamorous piece and in a true gentleman style, continue reading below.

How to Wear Suits Like Cary Grant

Cary Grant loves to wear suit and tie. He was known for this look and never walked around the city without his best piece.

His suits were often custom tailored from Saville Row in London, Cifonelli in Rome, Los Angeles, New York and Hongkong. He was not that focus on the colors of his suit but instead he always find a pair that perfectly fits his body.

How to Wear Sweaters Like Cary Grant

If not in those good fitting tuxedos, Grant opt to wear his classic pullover sweaters. Pairing it with his collared shirt, pants and shoes. He likes to keep this style laid back but very elegant.

How to Wear Shirts Like Cary Grant

Cary wears collar shirts most of the time and sometimes he also wear T-shirt. However like his suits, his shirts are also tailored made.

He doesn’t care about the price as long as he can make sure it is in a good quality. If collars and cuffs starts to show he send it back to the tailors to have it replaced.

He wears his shirts, buttoned up and tries to wear it barely open to look sexier. He pairs his shirts with his suit, pants and a pair of nice shoes.

How to Wear Coats Like Cary Grant

Cary Grant put on a top coat whenever his travelling or going out. He prefers to wear black one since it shows less stain and perfect for casual and formal wear.

He sometimes likes his coat buttoned until his neck and paired it with his pants and shoes.

How to Wear Pants Like Cary Grant

Cary likes his pants neither too tight nor too loose. He goes with equally skinny trousers for the best look. He pairs this with his shirts, tucked in or not and a good quality of shoes.

How to Wear Shoes Like Cary Grant

When it comes to footwear, Cary’s  favorite are brogues. He was often seen wearing this pair in black and brown together with his various styles and color suits.

He even said that “it’s better to buy one good pair of shoes  than four cheap ones.”. You can try buying one good leather shoes that could last long but make sure to take care of it, because no matter how old they become it still shows how good your taste is.

How to Wear Hats Like Cary Grant

Grant rarely likes hats since he has a perfect shaped face he doesn’t even need one, however he has seen wearing hats multiple times. He is known to wear fedora hats since it looks stylish and elegant.

Fedora can be paired with anything. If you’re not that suit kind of guy then you can pair it with some denim jeans and simple shirts.

Cary Grant Wiki

When did he start his career?

He started his career in Hollywood in early 1930’s. He is one of the best leading man in the business.

Who is Cary Grant’s wife?

Cary Grant didn’t just have 1 wife, in fact he had been married 5 times to the following ladies.

  • He was first married to Virginia Cherrill on February 9, 1934 but got divorced on March 26, 1935
  • Then he dated  Phyllis Brooks from 1937 and considered marriage but ended their relationship later that year.
  • In 1942 he got married to Barbara Hutton, one of the most richest women in the world and got divorced in  1945.
  • December 25, 1949, Grant got married  to Betsy Drake,his co star in two of his movies. On August 14, 1962 they eneded their relationship. This was the longest relationship Grant had.
  • On July 22, 1965, he married Dylan Cannon and they have a child but unfortunately  got divorced in March 1968.
  • On April 11, 1981, Grant married Barbara Harris.

Who is Cary Grant’s daughter?

His daughter was named Jennifer and was born on February 26, 1966. She is Grant’s only child from his ex wife Dylan Cannon. He also said that Jennifer is his best production.

What is the cause of his Death?

Cary Grant died on November 29, 1986 due to a stroke.

How many films did he do?

Grant  acted in 76 different films from 1932 – 1966.

What are his best known films?

  •  Bringing Up Baby (1938)
  •  Only Angels Have Wings (1939)
  •  His Girl Friday (1940)
  • The Philadelphia Story (1940)
  •  Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
  • An Affair to Remember (1957)
  • North by Northwest (1959)
  • Charade (1963)
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