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Men’s Style Guide for Cashmere: Sweaters, Shirts, Coats & Everything In Between


Your Guide to Cashmere Fabric

Cashmere Fabric is on of many materials that is fully available everywhere but in today’s world, this old time expensive fabric has been taken for granted due to the fact that nowadays this fabric type is more affordable than it is before. Though this good quality fabric has a lot of information to be known by the people using and wearing it and should be more appreciated in the clothing world.


What is Cashmere Fabric

Cashmere goats produce good quality Cashmere wool. This originated from the North West part of India, the Kashmir region.

These kinds of goats have double fleece, the outer layer that works as an outer guard and protects the undercoat from the water. The undercoat is made up of very fine fibers that have a great insulating property that keeps the goat warm in the cold season and not too hot in summer.


The fibers go in different processes and produce different qualities, thickness, length, and colors. These qualities make the fabric more attractive and can totally go with whatever style you have.

Cashmere has been s
o expensive due to scarcity but due to international trade in China. This is also known as the diamond fiber in the said country where 70% of production is made.

Cashmere nowadays is very attainable and can be seen anywhere. Cashmere sweaters prices range around $50 to $100.

How is Cashmere Created


Cashmere is created by collecting fibers from the goat using two different ways.

    • Combing – This method produces less guard hairs and purer cashmere strands. However, this method requires too much work since it is done by hands.
    • Shearing – With this kind of method, it removes the guard and under hair both at the same that results in lower and fewer production of cashmere.

Combing method is mainly used in China and Mongolia while shearing is commonly used in the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Once these fibers are collected, they are sorted, washed and spun into fine threads. These threads are twisted to form into yarns. The thickness of it is called a ply and for cashmere the higher the ply the better since it would be durable and it will be hard for it to be fuzzy.

Why is it Expensive


Wondering why cashmere has been expensive? Well, one of the reasons why this kind of fabric is costly is that it takes time for the goat to produce undercoat hair that would be enough to make one garment, let’s say a cashmere jumper. The work given for this from cultivation down to the raw material requires a long process.

The prices of Cashmere fabrics depends on the quality it has and from what part of the goat it is taken from. One example is the fibers taken under the throat or belly of the goat, these fibers are the softest and known to be of premium quality and have the highest price when it is manufactured into garments.


Cashmere Benefits



Our skin reacts to whatever garments we wear and sometimes it causes allergy and itchiness when we wear some coarse wool but one good thing about cashmere is its softness. This is made possible by its ultra fine fiber. The fabrics made from it doesn’t give you that annoying scratchy feeling.



Talking about coziness and warmth, Cashmere is known for it. Due to its good insulating properties cashmere is 8 times warmer than regular wool. The fine fiber provides heat that makes it perfect to wear for winter and this is also one of the great reason why Cashmere goats can adopt on whatever temperature it is in their respective location.



The flexibility and durability of Cashmere fabric are truly exceptional since it doesn’t shrink when washed. Cashmere remains in its shape and as long as you know how to properly take care of it. You just have to follow the correct way of keeping it clean and this will make sure that this fabric is better than others.

Things to Consider Before Buying


  • Check the label – Go for a pure cashmere as much as possible or cashmere-merino blends. Avoid getting acrylic blends since these don’t regulate the temperature of the fabric. This would be unbreathable and hot at the same time.
  • Do the crinkle test – When getting a cashmere fabric, do the crinkle test, try to pinch the fabric. Great quality cashmere doesn’t wrinkle when you pinch it and it will go back to its original smooth form once you remove your fingers from it.
  • Skin test – Do the skin test, Cashmere should feel really smooth and shouldn’t give you that itchy feeling.
    If discomfort occurs it just means that the fabric has a low-grade quality.
  • Check ply thickness – You could check how thick the fabric is by placing your hand inside the apparel. You could easily distinguish if the fabric too thin and when your hand can be seen through the fabric, it’s just a single ply. Always go for a double ply cashemere, this is warmer to use and stronger than the single one.

How to Take Care of Your Cashmere

Properly cared Cashmere could last for a long time. Avoid washing your cashmere garments often and make sure you won’t dry clean or put in in a washing machine. These cleaning processes are harsh for your fabrics. Use a low-alkaline detergent soaps or baby shampoo as a cleaning material.

  • Fill a container or a basin with warm water and add a little amount of your mild detergent.
  • Mildly twirl your garment in the water, make sure not to rub, stretch or pull your cashmere apparel.
  • Empty and refill some water into the container and repeat the process until there’s no remaining soap in your fabric.
  • Squeeze the fabric to remove excess water and move the fabric to a towel.
  • Gently roll the cashmere fabric in two towels to remove remaining excess amount of water.
  • Dry the item in a rack by hanging it or leave it on a towel until it’s completely dry.

How to Wear Cashmere


Cashmere sweaters, jumpers, and cardigans are perfect if you want to do some layering. try to wear some under shirts or work shirts for a cozy and simple look.

Sweatpants made of cashmere fabric is good if you want to have a comfortable look while strolling downtown or just staying at home. You can pair it with some basic tees or sweaters.

Cashmere suits are very sophisticated and perfect for parties or other formal events. This will make you stand out in the crowd. You can pair your suits with some white or printed shirts inside and a good set of shoes.

Cashmere coats are the best outfit to wear during winter or cold season. This garment will keep you warm and make you look fashionable. Wear it with a shirt, sweater, or even a suit inside. You could add a scarf as an accessory and finish your look with a good pair of shoes.

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