Scotch Porter Review: My Favorite Beard Grooming Regiment

Up until this year, I had never tried to grow a beard, and didn’t really know anything about it, but I would always see these dudes with beards and they looked pretty good.

So, my goal was to grow the type of beard you see on shows like Game of Thrones: a Dothraki beard to upgrade my look.

Fast forward to today, and the beard is killing it for me. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it, and have noticed a lot more women (and men) checking out the beard.

Here are the tricks I’ve learned, through trial and error, that have helped me grow a truly impressive beard.

Don’t: Trim your beard too often.

Initially, I kept stunting my progress by shaving way to frequently.

I would trim my beard once a week.

Now, I’m trimming my beard about once a month.

Do: Use beard products.

I barely use shampoo or conditioner for my hair, so I figured my beard would be the same. It should grow naturally and all it needs is some soap and water.

Boy was I wrong…

A couple months back, I went out to dinner with @ThreadTherapy, and looked down at my black shirt: It was covered in beardruff (beard dandruff).

The skin under my beard was really dry, and it needed help.

Now, I’ve got a regiment I conduct every 3-4 days:

This regiment has helped keep my beard looking fuller, avoids bearddruff, and makes it super soft to the touch.

Since I mentioned Scotch Porter, I wanted to go through a quick review of the products and why I like them.

First of all, I like to always pick a brand, and use all of their products. Why?

  • First, the smell is going to be the same across products. Nothing worse than mixing a woodsy scent with a smokey scent with an orange scent
  • Second, the products are designed to work together. The chemists behind the products design you to go from product to product, ensuring your beard gets all the nutrients it needs from the products and no additional oils or additives
  • Third, I’m lazy. Once I’ve found a product I like, and have gone through the effort to try it out, I don’t want to spend time evaluating other options, because I’m happy with my goods.

Scotch Porter Beard Wash Review

The beard wash is the first step in my beard prep. Here’s how I use it:

wash my beard in the shower once or twice a week, depending on how dry my beard is looking. After washing my beard, I put the beard conditioner in for 2 to 5 minutes (almost always on the 2-minute side of things). Finally, I apply beard balm to form and style my beard, comb my beard with my Kent comb, and apply two squirts of the beard serum (beard oil).

Here’s my review of the Scotch Porter Beard Wash.

The scent of the beard wash is very smooth, and almost reminds me of the smell when you get a hot shave from a barber shop. It’s not going to overpower your expensive cologne, and will leave you with a clean, manly smell.

The lather on the beard wash is pretty good, but could be better. It’s not as sudsy as a bubble bath, but I didn’t have an issue working it into my beard. I have liked other washes that foam up really well to cover all of my beard.

Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner Review

This beard conditioner is the second step of the beard prep process that I do once or twice a week. It’s designed to add moisture and make your beard super soft.

I’ve used this product without the beard wash, and have been really impressed. It instantly makes my beard feel smoother.

Out of all the products I’ve tried, if you only wanted one beard product, this could be the one you go with. It has some of the elements of the beard wash, and beard oil, and does a great all-around job.

Of course, if you want the best results, you should use all the products in conjunction.

The consistency of the product is like a mousse hair product. Each application uses a good amount of product, and I’m running through this product faster than any of the others.

The scent of the beard wash is similar to the beard wash, giving you the shaving cream smell I mentioned earlier.

The product basically just absorbs into your beard. Remember, you need to make sure to wash this out of your beard when you’re done, don’t just add it and leave it in.

Scotch Porter Beard Serum (Beard Oil) Review

The beard serum is the final product in my beard regiment. After I’ve used the beard balm, and styled my beard, in goes the beard oil.

The consistency is pretty thick, which I really like. I’ve tried a number of other beard oils, and they feel very runny. This one is thicker and makes it easier to apply throughout my beard, giving me a little more control and making it easier to reduce frizzy beard hairs.

The smell reminds me of a soap/musk combination. It’s not overly fragranced, and doesn’t smell like the forest or an orange, but the smell itself is tough to pin down. It just smells good.

Scotch Porter Review Final Thoughts…

If you guys are looking for a product that’s going to help you grow out your beard, prevent bearddruff, and keep it looking great when you’re out in the world, I highly recommend checking out Scotch Porter.

To sweeten the pot, I’ve got an exclusive coupon giving you 10% off any Scotch Porter products. Use promo code “PORTER10” to get your discount at checkout.

This was a paid review, but the opinions and thoughts are all mine.

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